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It was one round. Hey, I'm just saying. Yeah, and Sean was getting off and that's it. But sure. You really don't like Sean O'Malley. I don't like him getting the former champion and he just got stupid. This fight, I mean, I don't know what Dominic has left. That's the real question. We know what Marlon has, he'll continue to get better. So I'm going to cruise has been around for so long. And you know he says things like, there's no such thing as cage with. I'm always in the training, but father time is still undefeated. This puts him right back in the title conversation. Absolutely. Absolutely. So I still think he gets finished. I'm just going to pick Dominic Cruz because if the Dominic crews of old shows up almost nobody beats him with that footwork and the striking by decision. I think either way this one goes to distance. It's hard for me to pick against domino Cruz and that's why I'm not doing it. I just, I would love to see DOM versus Sean O'Malley. Great striking. Yeah. I'd like to see him talk shit to each other. Yeah. Dominate his ass down though. You'll forget DOM has a funky crazy wrestling. The foot spider monkey take them. The wrestling cruise is really good. I just don't know if he's still really good. It's like how old is Dominic Cruz? 37. But he's only fought like what? Four times in the last 5 years? Yeah. Maybe longer than that. I'm not even looking it up. But it's like, trying to think of an NFL running back to three, three fights for so three fights since 2017. That's tough. So 2017. 1920 21, 22. Three 5 to 5 years. It's like when Adrian Peterson came back. Almost 6 'cause we're halfway through this year, 5 and a half years. It's like when Adrian Peterson came back and he was like, we don't know what he's got left. Yeah. And then he was like, yeah, he's okay. Like Dominic might be that, or he might be great. Like some players disappear for a couple of years, come back. They look great. I don't know. I'm just not picking against Dominic Cruz. How many pick Dominic by decision? If he gets another title fight, that's Glover to Cheryl esque. Another second ass career. So all right, should be a good fight. It looks like we don't have a guest ray. So we are wrapping up. We appreciate everyone for listening as always going into the weekend. As we said on Tuesday's show, give your love, give me a shout out, produce a cold baby. At Coltrane on Twitter, it's his last week at blue wire studios, he will still be on the show because of course we call on the show from time to time. Look at Cole. But last week here, blue art studios, being our in-house producer behind the booth. So we were all miss Cole. In the meantime, follow us on social media at corner podcast underscore on Twitter, corner club for life on Instagram. If you guys are in Vegas, Laura's studios win resorts right here in the lobby. Come check it out. You can see us through the glass, hear us. It's my hell of a show. We appreciate you all. Keep this nice and short until next time we are out. Peace.

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