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Yeah sure so i'm gonna give you a phrase and you're gonna have to guess what it means you're ready let's rearrange our shorts don't yell it out if you know it by applause does anyone know it hold on hello sir thank you he came up with let's let's regroup let's figure out what we're gonna do next let's have a dance let's get up and rearrange shorts from just outside of truro a suburb of toronto i say insurer nowhere nowhere is lower on slow is just above that upper on slow are i figured i'd start with a nice easy one maybe the most popular decline expressions should be this one should i guess the answer i doesn't mean drinking it means drinking and rex murphy okay what do you have how are you today okay good on an early date with my wife she said give her the onions but on a she said that to you yeah i was like dear diary met my love of my life today put a ring on it give her the onions by what exactly i want to go for something lascivious but i won't because this is the canadian broadcasting corporation where you get to save words like lascivious and i want to gain that it's driving and put a big and i was driving slow give her the onions and gonna train track all right i'll give you the word i'll put in a sense of eating type jump say.

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