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Whole year to play together and they're going to be consistent you this chemistry and I think even getting just Craig Smith gives you that consistency where you're not, you know, definitely slipping pieces. You can for sure say coil and Smith will beat you out of the whole year and you know, I'm on the left side all that stuff. So should be very interesting. And as you said things are probably going to accelerate it would be awesome for the Bruins to get Taylor Hall just from a Content perspective just from how interesting. I think it would be dead. I think for fans, you know you fans listening. I mean, I think it would and I don't I don't have to sell anybody on Taylor at all. I feel like I'm selling people on the idea of Taylor and all but I really think it would be so interesting and I think it would reject this Bruins team over the top potentially much better chances against Tampa Bay and that second round especially if you're losing Tyler Johnson. Yep, kind of a big thing. I was most reasonable wage and like these movies are going to be happening now. Oh, I forgot by the way. Yes, Torey Krug was right. I mean. Sweeney was right choice was right to say screw, you know Tori kroge like that. That is that the ultimate the ultimate take is people who are like, I know the animal Antics won't going Frank Frank Smith or something, but he's not Mike Hoffman. I'm like, he's better than my coffin you idiots. Like Torey Krug is a trainer. If you can't beat them join them like that is dead. Funny how people being like groups of snake toward Kruk. I'm done with Tori Cruise have a contract off. He has you dummy what dude he's a human being. He's trying to make money the bruising even offer anything let the man be I hope to work groups was a hundred goals and went to Stanley Cup every year. That's st. Louis directions. Yeah now so much same style pizza now, that's so that's the one try. That's a real tragic novice. He has to get that bootleg ass pizza. That's funny that like him in Robert Thomas were tweeted each other. Yeah, just like that hit was so busy and just so humiliating for Robert Thomas. Like that's not something that you can just like tweet away. That's like funny now like you you you got your manhood taken away from you on that head like you aren't a u are not a human being anymore. Yeah, but definitely interesting but lots of crazy stuff Connor before we go. What are you working on it yesterday that people can look forward to yeah. We're breaking down kind of gone. Sweeney's press log. Friends from from Saturday afternoon. We're looking ahead of what kind of the next steps are this seems like every day something new is going to be happening. So who even knows what's going to happen later tonight in terms of how this affects wage offseason because I think you see from the Craig Smith move in in, you know, if you're looking at the lens of just this contract it's great. But you want to sit with the other pieces out that are going to fall for this team. So we'll have you covered every step of the way over a thousand Sports channel. Subscribe there. You can follow me on Twitter at Connor on the school and 93 Connor. We'll have you covered up. Yes J V over at CLS media follow both and for poke the bear episode off you guys. Have a great rest of your free agent Frenzy..

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