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Follow Taylor inside to the editor's desk on tumblr a Senate committee investigating the origins of the investigation of Russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election the key witness former deputy Attorney General rod Rosenstein senator Lindsey Graham said early FBI investigation was there were riddled with serious corruption procedural issues involving surveillance warrants and other democratic senator Dianne Feinstein insisted there is no evidence of anti trump bias in the overall investigation of Russian interference in the twenty sixteen election defense secretary mark esper says he does not support invoking the insurrection act to deploy active duty soldiers to help with national unrest after the death of George Floyd speaking at the Pentagon esper said the National Guard is best suited to assist local law enforcement and use active duty solely using active duty soldiers to be as a last resort speaking of that story here's more from A. B. C.'s Sagarika ani president trump has talked about using the military to tamp down violent protests that would mean invoking the insurrection act as process that should be a last resort and only the most dire and urgent situations we are not in one of those situations now the Pentagon has drafted contingency plans for deploying active duty forces if needed but interest in doing that seems to be waning at the White House still president trump is taking credit for a massive National Guard deployment calming things here in Washington we had no problem at all last night we had substantial dominant force telling fox news radio's Brian Kilmeade show that could be a model for areas who have not yet deployed the guard Sager make ani Washington eight PM curfew didn't stop thousands of demonstrators are marching through the streets of New York reports of vandalism and looting though were down this is not the widespread free for all seen another guy still there was looting in Manhattan police say there are about two hundred the navy arrests mostly for disorderly conduct many stayed out past curfew peacefully protesting for the most part looting under my Charlson says police were roughing people grab innocent people for no reason I just started.

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