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Everybody for me. My first time. It's just something for you Wednesday morning, man, that's all. Ah, man. I'm all anybody I am all in little Debo today with your with your cornflakes and and black coffee, That's all man. All right. Ah, keep that close by, but reminds we haven't done a pulling back the state soundboard history and along it's been ages. I know it's been ages. There were early days of you know things we did, like a vintage game re watch and a poly Max soundboard history. The only thing that survived was the list And by the way, given that were empty nesters this week with nobody around, right, we have literally almost everybody either gone or silenced. Do we? Do we do it list? You and me, buddy. I mean, we could you know, like when they see other couples looking at each other when the kids are off to go. Do you want to go to dinner? What do we do now? Yeah. I want to go want to go to Bodega Bay for the weekend and radio. Right? Right, right. Always up for a list. If you want to make it happen. I'm in. Well, I was thinking and I don't know if this one works so you can feel free to reject it. Okay, but I was thinking that I can be brushed up a little bit against it yesterday. People like why would baseball do this? And we said it was for the money for the money for the money. We're talking money, and I didn't know if we want to do our top three just money related cultural items again. We can reject it. If it's a song of two TV show if it's to obscure cleared, No, I actually think it's pretty interesting that that's because that's a very broad. The kind of palate there you could. Really? Yeah. Yeah, Let's do that. I could do the money list. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, OK, and I'll shock You already Got something to talk my head musically, that will shock you because I know you've never heard it. I think love has anything TV wise movie wise or even sports wise, Right? You know where I think we should have Dion Sanders must be the money playing underneath the whole thing. Now you're going away. Now you're giving away items. Well, that's only like that could have been on my list yet, but it won't be now because I just said it. Ah, yeah. Could be Dionne's must be the money. OK, so money related in honor of baseball's greedy Grab, not greedy Gretchen. In honor of baseball's greedy grab, We'll do a top three money related. Cultural items. Okay, Alright down. What did we want to do it Thursday or Friday? Friday? Let's do Friday from to the weekend. Yeah, our empty nest list are empty, less So I like that. Okay, so faraway types in and says Ozzie, I don't know It was the first song I ever heard on a Walkman. It changed my life. Nice. Nice absolutely meant 9 to 5, says Mets fans are the anti Cardinals fans. Now. What does that mean? She's at Shea. I sat in stray seats, and the guy behind me said You may get beat up. Well, there's some truth to that. That's because I was with my 10 year old son. No. Oh, he says, but but God, I'm glad I saw Shea Stadium. It's bigger than my Yankee Stadium visit. In retrospect, interesting. Yeah. Yeah, It's fun. She was fun, man. It was fun to go out there and watch baseball. There was no glamour. There was no distractions. There were no I mean, it was just the ball Get, that's all. You had the ball. We're going to do a Poly Mac. This date soundboard history that it's one of my all time favorites. Just for whatever. Which is The Sopranos more than Shea Stadium. Oh, yeah, more than Shea Stadium is more than Shea Stadium time favorites. There you go to 15 says Hey, Murph, tell us on air who you paid off to take your s a T t Get into UC la like your boy D J t. Ah, well, I can tell you that I did cheat off my buddy Sandy Murray in advanced algebra. Why wouldn't say cheat? Right? I asked him for a lot of help. How's that Good dude, As far as I was concerned with algebra geometry all of that I was just like, dude. What? It's whatever gets me through this, so I don't Yeah. Yeah, I guess the answer is my buddy Sandy Murray. He's the one who helped me get in. I knew an early age, more obtuse angles. We're not going to be part of my adulthood. I knew that trap is always weren't going to do me any good. I just was like I've got to just get through this. That was my whole approach. Here's 530 is clearly a P one, he says. How about it? John Michael Higgins, Best in show cut out holding a slice of pie. I wasn't ready for that yet. Yeah, of 510 says we need a cut out with a Let Timmy smoke section. Oh, yeah. Will you put him with Garcia to it? So I'm a moron Blazer over there. And you told her you and I don't I'm telling tales out of school that halfway through my round with copes, he may have done something to relax on the golf course. That's what they call enjoying the greens, Murph and started slowing down his swing and playing better by the way, the greens are fast today, according to Copes. Yeah, 510 says. Hey, Mario, If you're going to do this, we better have a Huey Lewis cut out. Yeah, I could call for 15 says how about a cut out of Barry Zito and a Dodgers hat home? Run, man home. Run ya do go Blue. Yeah. Ah! Ah! Ah! Alright. Good stuff, man On occasion there. Speaking of like we said the Sam Spear accident face time of yesterday. Yeah, well, it's in honor of that. Let's drop a needle on another Polly Mac Pandemic tune Spider that I'm like. How's mirth to and face time and.

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