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Amc the same thing kind of happening in kenya writers un's like it there's a that's a very short in the evening in some additional on now eight arrest of i don't know i'm sorry jordan you have not america in any given year just that uh the elections were not free the winner of who's them i don't know a swore himself in like almost like extemporaneously like eight he found that the reverse the result of the election had been corrupted it actually one that that's what he says and so they had like he swore himself in as the people's president the leadership then responded uh the powers beaten responded by shutting on tv stations all kind of stuff and it's like you just hate to see that you know like in stable democracies quote unquote in africa um like kenya and south african i hope my hope is that with zuma stepping down it will you know it'll bode well like maybe you guys like everybody can lang lang said south africa and keep telling i want give china in johannesburg and pretoria no i was there speaking at a united nations convening or whatever as one dollars anz jamaica near eighty dj clue so he's the new hot 97 dj so instead of he's like palm boom boom as you guys because like cannot of now i know so and you is what i was speaking at the un toronto that i mentioned it was the united nations at any rate no and it's funny because.

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