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Kevin Owens wins back the universal title. Maybe Balor Club to finally get a second member Brock Lesnar willingly Works a full schedule. No, next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia websites are reporting that WWE is now handing out fines to Talent if they mention any third-party businesses on social media, this is different than twitch and YouTube and shit like that. It's just like like if you're having like a soda and you're like, oh, yeah, that's Pope's really good like the old band you for that or like, you know, if you're at a store or something you tweet about the like it's just stupid shit now, like even if they're not getting paid for like even if it's not an average wage, And they're just like mentioning. Like hey, man, I think he was and this is a great restaurant. Your funky was aimed at like, you know, like paid partnership with like blah blah blah, you know, like oh look I use this meal delivery service. Yeah, right, you know, it's just it's just getting more ridiculous. And right now they've been trying to like, you know, you'll take as much talent as they can form a w and it seems like they're just going to drive them away. Yeah. I mean, I don't I don't know what they're offering people to make of re-sign like they off. Yeah, like sitting since I mean, it's hard to I don't know it's hard to turn down a guarantee in life, right? Yep. They really it's also wrestling Observer is reporting that Keithley might miss elimination chamber due to injuries, which was also why he wasn't on Raw this week. So we might have to read you that prediction wage. Part, I got a one-match. Yeah, and then PW ince I reported that John Morris wife Taya Valkyrie has signed with WWE. She was the one that stormed off at last year's Worth right in front of us. Yeah, one more. I mean Royal Rumble when Morris and got eliminated. Yeah, right. So so I guess next year. She's in the rumble. She'll walk to the ring and then just took them off not even enter. That should be your gimmick. Yeah, right the other any other rumors, I saw one where they're saying that everyone backstage seems really impressed with Damien priest. They feel like they gave him a lot on his plate to start with and he's actually handled it pretty well. Yeah. I mean the whole Bad Bunny thing, I mean for a newcomer that's that's kind of a big deal that's like guaranteed TV time. N. A big kid. Yeah, anything else have we talked about the Bow Wow stuff we mentioned. Yeah, we did like yeah, he's still he's still going off on people on Twitter, you know is trying to call out wrestlers. Yeah, that shit Delaware. Yeah. That's all I got. All right. Trivia time. Do you guys remember when the last men's single elimination chamber match was? It wasn't last year. It was not so then it was 2019, right? Yeah. Where was it in Houston in the Houston office to be so just to show you how things never change I would say. Can you name the guys in that match? Here's your head. One, two, three, four five or six are an elimination chamber this Sunday. Yeah. She's definitely Sophie Sophie s Kano bath was in there. He was a champion. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. He won Drew McIntyre was a big important knowledge and that's a really good deal. That's yeah Seamus so I don't think I don't know if he was back yet. She got Daniel Bryan Kofi and Port Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy. Yeah. Yep. Four out of the six and AJ AJ Styles. There's your five out of six and then you win the guy that who is this guy Brian? He's not active. Oh, that's a pretty big boss not active at all not wrestling right now still a superstar. Oh, but he's in WWE. Just not. Yeah, so he's injured. Yeah, I guess yes. Oh wait. No. No. No, this was a 2017 when it was a chant the whole ton. 25c Samoa Samoa Joe. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Okay, but yeah, very interesting. This whole card was interesting because the Boston Hub connection won the inaugural women's Tag Team Championship. Yeah, that was off when Mandy was laying down like with her ass pretty much right in our face for like five minutes to me amazing shade for the title. So was that when Shane turned on the miss all that money now was it? No, we weren't there for that. It was the next pay-per-view now won the Intercontinental Championship against Bobby Lashley and handicap match and He did I thought he wanted a Mania it says he he be all messy beat you need like Q di que Lio rush off that whole fun. Oh, yeah. My God, like Bobby Lashley went from like Lio Rush. That was so horrible. Now. He's with the hurt business and it's like the best part of his career choice. I know so yeah the funny but yeah, that was really interesting. Yeah. All right, let's do some fan questions man off. I was a hell of a gulp back. Yeah. It was like a sound clip. Yeah. That was pretty much commercial. Just that's the New Black song or that came from a poor know. I don't know even one either way. All right pop culture. Junkie since Lacey Evans is pregnant. How about she gives rebirth to the fiend? Sure. I kind of like that Jake Baker push Fireberry to replace Lacey Evans Rhea Ripley Charlotte Flair Shayna baszler. Obviously pushed Rhea Ripley. I'm sure Meyer flare. Yeah faseler. Sure Jason D. Yeah, of course Jason dear Mario adventures pointed Ms. Didn't call him Andy Mac and farts. Yeah. It's a little bit. I know as well. Might as well do it just in Stuart. I don't know if you all saw the NWO John Cena figure.

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