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A year where he were Real Madrid came up short to pep Guardiola when he was with Barcelona interesting. Yeah. You have anything else on Liverpool? Is that kind of know we also you've you've really been stuck on the whole title race as a whole I on the way, I'm taking this as I'm taking this as a an artistic thing, here's Alan Shearer talking on BBC match of the day on I want you to listen to some of the words, he uses I want you to react, you tell me it's been an unbelievable season from both city on from Liverpool. Best season we've out on the primitive since installed it in buck in nineteen Ninety-two. They've given. Us as has been nothing short of pure entertainment. And it's been absolutely relentless. I mean, we said about seventy weeks ago. Just wait till the pressure combs the last couple of weeks of the season. Both teams have she'll none of that just one week after week after week, and it's just been incredible to watch. Well, one thing I would disagree with at the end there is when he says we asked, you know, the pressure's gonna come and how will they respond and they've showed none of that. I don't know if I fully agree with that. It took a thirty yard Vincent company blast to get past Leicester City, and it took a header from a Riga off kind of like a shoulder of Lascelles to get past Newcastle. So they're in the waning weeks of the season. There were a couple moments where you could say, maybe maybe these teams are starting to feel the weight of this just a little bit. You want me to take the bait here on him saying that this was the greatest see the greatest huddle razors that what he's still. It's just that. He said, you know, what what did he say about about excitement? I you've had this thing for the lab. But now, we're you artistic you'll this need to downplay what we've been witnessing, and I don't know why you're doing I know. I think just from a pure point of view in terms of twists and turns to haven't been any what you need is a loss, you need someone to go to like a lower team draw points than the other team to respond and maybe not do. So. Well, you need that that level of excitement. We'll right there twists and turns out what we've had is two powerhouses surging ahead. Right. That's what it's being on. It's just it doesn't remind me. I think what's happened. Here is we've had even including the LeicesteR one. We've not had a tight race and starting fourteen like a genuine going to the last day. And I think what's happened is how can you? I think all this not a title race. No. I said this is this we've had and I think that the fact that the Premier League which laws itself across the world is being the best league. In the world on often is portrayed are in the certainly in the media. As the most exciting has delivered upon that in the sense that we went to the final day Andre the last few years. When of we go onto the final day. We haven't. No. And that's the point. I think this is being sold as a exhilarating tight Rhys when it's being a title Rhys. I needed someone to lose the way on the road. And I needed someone to trip up and it never happened. But you didn't take any exhilaration in the antics of that possibly happen or just like my like Alan Shearer use the right word when he said relentless this. That's really what this was. This thing is key grip. We kept talking about the mental strength of these teams fending off pressure while also competing in other competent, both went deep in the Champions League one is still playing and it was just like it was relentless the this win after win. Again. If you look at ninety four ninety five eleven twelve with man city, thirteen fourteen Whitman city, again, there was just I felt like there was more down the stretch on like I said before I think the slips and the bumps in the road that we usually expect came very very early. Let's see maybe you know, what call it me a commotion. Maybe I'm just whatever we'll look I get it doesn't make your coming at this from a perspective where you don't want this title race. To be memorable. Because you feel you're on the wrong side of history. Oh, I.

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