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Everything you need with the new true car by smarter drive happier easy watch for delays this morning giving heading out towards chats with on the one eighteen so westbound side is coming up on haven Hearst someone dropped us a metal debris in the roadway there saying that said the two right lanes and that's back in the driver's coming away from Glen oaks and when you get past that tablet up again about ball and that's that is a heavy out towards the start over looks like there's some kind of Caltrans work that's going on we're reaching out to them to find out what the deal is but if you had it through there the traffic tip line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three to pretty much see the laser westbound on the one eighteen from Glen oaks all the way out towards desoto eastbound side bunches up a little bit there between the four of five and the five freeway speaking of the four oh five freeway northbound side if we get to Washington there is a car that broke down that's blocking the fast lane so that can't yet be to come up to the window five southbound side of the four or five years so again you could buy a German way that'll stay busy that's about Getty center and then it gets better I think a lot on the eastbound side of the sixty at the crossroads parkway where the right lane remains shut down to clean up a fuel spill the drive so down just before the six oh five west outside the sixty simply tap from Nogales helping out towards the five freeway even though they did open lanes on the westbound side of the ninety one there just before you get too wild lake view that drive remains solid brake lights coming out of corona from the fifteen all the way to the fifty five this happened what is funded by super woman super lawyer dot com I'm Mary empowerment I have over seven hundred fifty million dollars recovered injured in an accident call me I get results eight hundred eight hundred sixty nine sixteen weather today sunny windy warm temps the seventies to low.

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