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Going to cut the increase in property taxes moving forward. I think on average, you'll see that go down. Business if city or county governments want to raise property tax by more than three point five percent from the previous year. They must get voter approval cat, buns, air, KLIF news. Former Stanford sailing coach will serve no jail time in prison. In connection with the college admission scandal, Brynn Gingras, reports, John van damore is the first of fifty defendants to be sentenced John van, damore apologized to the university, his former student athletes, and it's family just before the judge handed down a sentence of two years supervised release and ten thousand dollar fine. And prosecutors had recommended he spent thirteen months in prison after he pleaded guilty to one conspiracy charge admitting that he took bribes to get to students into Stanford sailing recruits, neither student actually attend the school and banned damore never pocketed the money exchanged, instead, he put it toward the sailing program bridging grass New York. Police in the Dominican Republic. Have arrested more men believed to be involved in the plot to kill Red Sox player. David Ortiz, Steve Kastenbaum reports. The weapon used in the shooting was displayed at news conference. Six men have been arrested in the Dominican Republican connection with the. Shooting of the former Red Sox store. Police twenty five year old role fee crews confessed to shooting David Ortiz in the back at a press conference, the director of the Dominican Republic's, national police held up a gun that he said, was the weapon used in the shootings..

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