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And washing machines. And if you get laryngitis, however, will you go to the bathroom. I'm Evan Haning. Missy Elliott is making history as the first female rapper inducted into the songwriters hall of fame. The twenty nine hundred class also includes a legendary British singer cat Stevens and country icon, John prime. I'm Ann Cates. And I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters debt is fueling growth in the US economy. And that's a dangerous situation for an economy to be an so says Jeff Regan lack who took part in a round table of ten of Wall Street's smartest investors, according to baron's he highlighted the dangers, especially posed by the US corporate bond market gun lack CEO, a double line capital is concerned about the increased sales of junk bonds and significant growth in investment grade corporate debt, coupled with the Federal Reserve and weaning the market off of quantitative easing. He calls all that. And ocean of debt stocks were up this week bonds are still waiting the challenge of gauging the outlook for US growth, and yields is only growing as the partial government, shutdown crimps, the flow of economic data and statistics ten year. Treasury yields appear to be settling into a range after rising this week for the first time since December the ten year note was last quoted at a yelled. Of two point seven percent. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the next round of trade negotiations with China will likely occur later this month in Washington Mnuchin told reporters that vice premier Liu. Hey was expected to lead a delegation to Washington later in the month taking a trip to Rio de Janeiro might become a little more painful for New York travelers the story from Bloomberg's Charlie Pellett beginning April the last two airlines offering nonstop flights between both cities will stop selling them. The decision by American and delta will add a few more hours, and at least one annoying layover for all the power of its oil industry. Rios economy has suffered with a long recession rising crime rates and declining number of tourists after hosting the Olympics in twenty-six, Charlie Pellett, Bloomberg radio global news twenty four hours a day on air and it ticked back on Twitter. Powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred. Twenty countries. I'm Susanna Palmer. This is Bloomberg..

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