Jimmy Butler, Miami, Philly discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


Guess I would put it that way. Well real quickly Josh Richardson comes from Miami Right and goes to Philly and right after the season ends, he says, Brett Brown does not hold players accountable. So what does that tell you? Right. Well, he's also used to Spoelstra so. That is that's a different standard. It just tells you that Miami plays by what set of rules I mean. There are measuring guys body fat and like you know they're they're running guys into the ground. It's certainly different in Miami but Yeah there's no question you know just culture. Wise. You know Philly has been not good enough these last couple of years, and again, you're supposed to have some high level decision maker. Analyzing the talent analyzed performance in the big moments saying look if we want this thing to really go, there's one person who we can trust here and it's definitely not Tobias Harris and somehow they they came out of that one. Backwards all right. Let's do one final Jimmy Butler, ranking before we move on here. When you're looking at the other forwards and wings around the League where do you have Jimmy at this point in terms of your rankings and who's who's definitely above him, and then who's in that same tier maybe SM and like if you're drafting where does he fall? Yeah. So I mean hinted at this before and I can't remember if we talked about it on an earlier episode or not but I just think that what makes Jimmy? So fascinating is he kind of defies the player rankings. He makes them more dumb than they normally are I made my name on the campaign now. I Apologize. Apologize Your top one hundred hold a special place in my heart and intelligent. But flawless is what people would usually say I wouldn't go that far. You know. I think that there are guys who are clearly better than them at his position who I don't think could've done what he did in the specific situation in Miami like I think Kevin Durant is better. I think. Leonard is better. I. Think Lebron. James's better. But do all of those guys let Kendrick Nunn lead the Miami Heat and shots during the regular season knowing it's probably best for the team or let Bam at a bio in his first season as a starter fulltime starter bring the ball up the court and and initiate offense from the elbow does does Katie and Lebron. They let tyler hero run pick and rolls and take shots that no rookie should ever attempt and encourage it So I I just think it's really difficult to, and this is with all you know contextual player ratings and rankings and how we kind of view all this stuff. But I just think Jimmy is such a special situation and this is such a special case. Because if you ask me, I would say. You know. If, I'm trying to pick a player to start a team. He's probably like he's somewhere in the top twelve, but he's behind a certain set of players that you know he's like kind of a second tier. He's not a superstar in my eyes. So yeah, you're hitting on a lot of the top one, hundred dilemmas that we face..

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