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I have a feeling the rest of the world catching up with those laws and see yeah, you could. You could go in mind a restaurant you can for short then sell it whatever materials you get from anti whoever wants them? That's been in American rule ever since the beginning we find it and then hours. How how the country was built? Expert. WHO's even sees as propulsion rocket fuel. So you can if you can split the hydrogen and oxygen out of the water water being h Shula molecule and the highest in the oxygen, and you can use that as propulsion not just for humans living, but it's will say to get further into space because as you said, launching anything of our planet is incredibly expensive because we have a little gravity. So if we can get off limb space having to take it with us. That's a real bonus as well. Excellent Right. and. We. Wish we've got a question from instagram. From Gabriel Joakim how do different chemical compositions change the color of the comet Nice question because I've seen pictures of the comment and there's all these beautiful colors in it. I want to know where that comes from except we have to take a break. We come back. We will all learn from Natalie starkey. How comets colors..

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