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Mr greg. Laurie pointing out. God's plan for discipleship it's encouraging and caring for those who were newborn in the lord and there's more to come in this message here on a new beginning. The title of the study is just do it. Look for that study at harvest dot org if you'd like to hear it again again. Go to harvest dot org and then it's a real joy to make available. A new book called the women of the bible speak. It's written by shannon bream anchor of fox news at night on the fox news channel. She is also the chief legal correspondent for the network at pastor. Greg and his wife. Kathy are speaking with shannon. You know one of your chapters. You wrote in hannah in miriam. And he had said quote my most painful valleys have made me more empathetic better able to share and other sufferings and better equip to give them words of encouragement has how can we allow suffering and pain to make us more sympathetic and not bitter. That is a really tough one. And i do think that we have a couple of paths that we can take and of course i think there are moments that we're all frustrated or cry out to god. Why is this happening. Why is this person suffering. Why am i suffering And i think it's okay to ask questions. I think god knows we are. Human beings are fallible. We have moments of weakness. But i think in asking those questions we get closer to him and we can find our answers in him. I talked to my first book. About just being very vulnerable and honest about living with chronic pain for years. I think people who have been there We'll know we've all probably touched on something in our lives. It has been a physical struggle and it just it levels you and it really makes you humble and i think it makes you look at other people and think. Well what are the pains. They're living through right now. Emotional or physical financial. Whatever they're struggling with we know everybody goes through things. And it's true for me. The darkest worst moments where had nothing to do but literally couldn't even form a prayer. But god please help me and there were times i would just say that over and over again. Help me god. Please help me. Not some big fancy. Deep lethal theological drought prayer. But just the words knowing that the holy spirit would intercede for me that god christ. Was there interceding for me. I just think the things that humble us the most make us vulnerable is able to care for other people and for the whatever suffering. They may have as well. I love the scripture that talks about that we comfort with the comfort that we've been comforted with and i know in my own life. The hardest thing that i've ever been to. Greg has ever been through his death of our son and devastated us. That leveled us. It was absolutely one of the most imaginable unimaginable. Things that could ever happen. What came out of that. As a result was i sought out other women who had been to what i'd been through who had walked that path and had survived it and it gave me hope just being in their presence. They didn't to tell me a one two three solution. I just wanted to look at them and say they made it. They got through this. And and i found the women of scripture. Were also my companions in that journey. I love how you've chosen Sarah and hagar and rachel and leah tamarin ruth new pair these women such interesting combinations women some who knew one another and were living at the same time and others who are in in different times. I was just fascinated by your selection of of the women that you put in your book. These are some of my favorites too. And i wondered you know how you came up with this list. Well i think there are stories that are well known even for people who are not people of faith but may have heard some of the stories like queen. Esther people know mary the mother of jesus. I mean there are ones that we thought there are base will include them. But i fought for other people to be included. That i thought would be important like tae maher who really really takes them Inappropriate wrong turns and is not the easiest sunday school lesson to teach but thought there's so much about her story i wanted to include rahab who was a prostitute who was critical helping israel achieve victory. And so i thought it's so important. I think to include people who are flawed because every single one of us in every single one of the women in this book are flawed. But it wanted people to know that. Hey if you feel like you've made some bad decisions you've gotten off track. God can still work through all of that. And we see that through these women there in the lineage of christ they are people who step up to save israel. I mean these people are important and come from all different backgrounds so we wanted to pick women that we thought people were probably know which show them another layer to their story but also people that You may not know. I think the average person probably doesn't know about tamar or raod but we thought let's include them so people will know that god uses every circumstance in every person who is willing to be used in his service you know. I think it's interesting. How many women made it into the messianic line of jesus christ who had questionable reputations and to me it's like the genealogy of christ is a story of redemption is think the fact that you know considering the fact that that best sheba it in there and others and it's like it just as god gives that khun chances no matter what you've done in. He's the god of second and third four chances him pretty much as high as you can count goodness yes well. This book is full of good news like that. It's an inspiring look at the lives of more than a dozen women in scripture and the examples they set for us. in fact shannon. Subtitle is the wisdom of sixteen women and their lessons for today. And we'd like to send you this. New book called the women of the bible. Speak by shannon bream of fox news. It's our thank you gift for those who gain benefit from these studies each day and can help them continue with a generous investment. Right now you choose the amount but thanks for your generosity. Just write us at a new beginning. Box four thousand riverside california nine to five one four or call one eight hundred eight to one thirty three hundred. We can take your call anytime around the clock again. Dial one eight hundred eight. two one. Three three zero zero or go online to harvest dot org faster greg. You've been teaching the bible here on radio for many years. Now in fact almost forty years But you have some exciting news about television yacht dave. I'm very excited to share this news with our listeners and supporters. listen everybody. We're launching a new television program called harvests with greg. Laurie two major tv networks across the united states. This show will air on sunday mornings on some networks. You might be familiar with like the lifetime network fox business network newsmax day star tbn. And keiko here in los angeles. Combine these airtime so reach. Listen to this drum roll please. Over sixty million viewers annually. That is exciting. And some of these are secular. Tv networks so. We're reaching more people who need to hear the gospel. So i'm really excited about.

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