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Honduras jail over an apparent misunderstanding i am i think be here today overseas nightmare is over for a mandeville road i'm not going back after ten days stuck jailed in honduras she's finally returned to the open arms family obviously waiting for their hands to come home i am this is but i thought fit dates days amanda was arrested at rotan airport after authorities examined her cans safe a container that looks like a can of iced tea but is really a hidden safer valuables airport police cut open they can and found a weight particles assumed it was cocaine in through amanda in jail for drug trafficking air sofia with no testing available at the airport amanda had to wait is matching that all of us could have been avoided by teeny teaming training simple three all are drug test cell mindblowing finally that drug tests came back negative in that white powder most likely just the cans lie local authorities have appealed her dismissal but amandas husband brandon stay by her side working with their of lawyer to get her passport and get her home kennesaw saga is not over yet authorities in honduras are asking for five more years to investigate even threatening an international warrant to bring amanda back to her honduras if necessary maggie rulli abc news new york 414 here's marina rockinger with our aaa traffic southbound i 5 just before south poorest street the right lane is blocked with got stopandgo traffic from yesler it's gonna be partially blocking not right lane so just a heads.

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