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All right. Here's Dave Asprey. Dave, tell me your backstory because you're one of the guys that essentially pioneered the biohacking movement unless I just don't know about everything that came before an which is possible. But I know that in the beginning on ramp was bulletproof executive on the you're not still have that brand. And then a handful of other people who were doing things that I can't even remember. And then suddenly I took a nap and woke up and bulletproof coffee was all over the world. What happened is it's been twenty years doing research in a nonprofit for anti-aging talking with all these punctual medicine people. And other experts in nutrition, and I realized there's a whole bunch of bodybuilders of here in pro athletes over here in navy seals over here in astronaut recovery. People hear neurologist, and none of them talk. And I wanted full control my of my own biology, and I said we've got a name for this. So I came up with this name biohacking, and I wrote it in my first blog post this info graphic about it. And I didn't trademark name. I said, you know, I wanted to be a community trademark bulletproof and bulletproof executives. That's my company. And it's in the biohacking field started the first biohacking conference six years ago one hundred people shop and last year, we had I think about three thousand people in a little bit under three hundred twenty eight hundred or something and we're having our next biking conference in April fifth in LA, and what happened is this year? Miriam Webster is added biohacking to the dick. Yeah. And I'm in the definition to which is really. Oh, that's so they're calling me like on whatever that was Fox News or. Something on TV like the father biohacking, which is which is really cool. I've never been a dictionary before you know, you can make the Forbes list, but you really can't really big in the dictionary is even hard. I was those kind of surreal moment. Somebody texted me. Like, did you see this? No, it's awesome. Yeah. So the ideas is you can change the environment around you an inside view to get control of your own biology. The first use of biking was in ninety two but it was more about inserting jellyfish genes into your cat. So it'll glow and things like that. So are also cool though, pretty cool to try that on yourself. I was going to like to my sister. When I was young, but didn't work it didn't work. I'll just call her with yellow markers. I was forced their fair, but she's still gloat at least for a little while. I remember when I was taking those glow sticks as a kid that you on Halloween, and I would pour them all over myself. And I'd be like, look, I'm going on my mom would freak out. Because who knows what's in those? There's no way like it's in a thick plastic shell because you don't want your kid to chew it open. Right. But I managed I haven't determined. I've bathed myself and that stuff more times than should. Yeah. Absolutely. I can imagine. I don't think that counts as backing. But it was preliminary. No, I mean, it might be it might be the opposite. And a lot of ways you also had to lose a bunch of weight and everything right? I mean, how did you originally get into this? I know it was was not because you're like, I'm still healthy even healthier. It was sort of the opposite. Yeah. I had arthritis diagnosed when I was fourteen in my knees is that genetic then no, it's probably environmental and knowing no knew it was at the time..

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