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Country's once quite sophisticated infrastructure has been plundered and allowed to decay under the Durose miss rule. The Douro ordered all businesses to close until the electricity is restored this in a country with desperate food shortages and economic issues. Meanwhile, Abrahams also says the US won't use force to deliver humanitarian aid Madero has blocked convoys of that eight at the border with Colombia last month. There's been another top level resignation at the White House NPR's Mara Liasson. Jason reports. The president's communications director Bill shine step down today. The White House issued a statement saying shine had offered his resignation and the president had accepted it shine says he's looking forward to spending more time with his family. The White House says shine will serve as a quote senior advisor to the Trump reelection campaign. However that role has not been defined shine was the president's fifth communications director in just two years an inherently difficult job working for a president who acts as his own communications director, but expects his communication staff to generate the kind of positive press coverage he feels he deserves, but doesn't get shine was a top executive at Fox News more than twenty years before coming to the White House where he stayed in the job for just nine months. Mara liasson. NPR news, the White House Wall Street lower by the closing bell. The Dow down twenty two points ten to twenty five thousand four hundred fifty the NASDAQ was down thirteen points ending the day at seventy four zero eight isn't p five hundred down five points to end at twenty seven forty three. You're. Listening to NPR news from Washington, and this is WNYC. I'm Jamie Floyd immigrant rights activists who are concerned about being monitored by the federal government. After new documents suggest US agents kept tabs on protests in New York City. The nation reported this week on a list circulated to members of US, immigration and customs enforcement. Reporter Jimmy Tobias said it flag protests and Facebook events and noted the number of people who showed interest in the rallies on social media. And that's concerning to organizers being added to a government list creates a chilling effect on it scares people. And I've had numerous groups reach out to me in the last few days asking their group was on this list. If their members are on this list and ice spokeswoman told WNYC the spreadsheet was circulated to agents quote for situational awareness while they conducted field investigations more. With reporter Jimmy Robbins this hour on all things considered most New York. City. Bodega owners are now asking lawmakers to keep marijuana distribution out of their stores, if the drug becomes legal Francisco Martin from the Bodega association of the United States, which represents a five thousand stores says the option to sell marijuana would fundamentally change the identity of community grocery stores. You say you'll kiss you. Go yourself, and you want to see nobody the mighty wanting from your kids, you're going to be something that might be going to be legal by won't be effective for a lot of people last month the newly formed United of America, which represents two hundred stores spoke out in favor of participating in distribution. And if you've been lagging on getting your rabies vaccine, New York City officials say now is the time the New York City health department says six rabid raccoons have been spotted around the five boroughs this year four in and around Inwood Hill Park, one in the Bronx one on Staten Island, so far there are no reports of by. Or exposures, but officials are urging pet owners to get their pups vaccinated and keep close watch on them while going for a walk. This is the first time in eight years that rabid raccoons have been cited thirty six degrees cloudy in central park at seven oh six. Support for NPR comes from CFA institute. CFA charter holders, our wealth managers committed to helping unlock opportunities for their clients ambitious wealth goals. Learn more at the right question dot org. From NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm Audie Cornish. And I'm Ari Shapiro in northeastern Syria. People are pouring out of the last ISIS stronghold. It's a dramatic seen women leading.

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