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To be four right there's a lot of teams i haven't won anything three seasons teams yeah for real a lot of teams will sign up for that but my whole point in saying that raji is he came in with tim duncan his championships who with tim duncan let's not try to make it seem like anybody can win with dave robinson and tim duncan i'm starting to realize these sort of things would as i'm watching basketball more more okay some why are you more and more i'm starting to realize you to hall of fame big doings other than that you had linnet rest is kind of like as they say somewhat role players tony parker pretty good twenty five hundred mvp pretty good pretty good right guy especially when they got him in a second round but when you look at it overall here really one that like that without those guys just be beaten says well tony parker was the finals mvp in two thousand and i will say that similarly to feel jackson who when you parse who he's had yes you know it's it's like okay yes definitively you have word championships with these all time greats but when they haven't been with you what did you do right i think we're key is suggesting tonight concerning see validity in that is that okay you don't have any all time greats right now what's your can you do well but show us what you can do now but to your point but but that that amy amy that me the choose to like that though name me the coach that doesn't win without great talent though i mean it is say great talented alltime great right but also that's different i mean that's phil jackson as you pointed out one with mike shotty cobian shack and how point for even bringing that up is i'm kind of tired of popovich dictate what he wants as if he's just a grand poobah of everything he just running the whole thing everywhere he goes what you say you know i hear what you're saying how is he any different from the guy you played for i get tired of him too i get tired of pat riley poster all of i get tired of show me break bring me some i want to see what you.

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