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I think a lot of I think a lot of the, you know, at a certain point, I think we reach a place where, you know, listen, I don't need any more character. Life can take it easy on me now. And so I think I had a lot of the grit again just rural Tennessee and especially rural Tennessee where I was, I mean, I wasn't in the absolute deep, deep, deep, deep, deep Woods, but in the 70s and Tennessee where I was out by Hendersonville and gallatin, not like it is today. There was not a whole lot around. So I had quite a bit of what we would call character building and grid just growing up in a single parent home. By the time I got to Los Angeles, the LA part was just trying to build a career in an exceedingly difficult profession where I didn't have I didn't have any nepotism. I didn't have anything, I didn't show up here with anything on my side for lack of a better phrase. Yeah. Well, national was a totally different city back then in the 70s than it is now. I mean now it's the home and hard of a lot of productions, both movies and radio and television. That was not happening way back then in the same way. Now it's Nash Vegas. First of all, it's the number one bachelorette weekend destination in the south. It's number one, even more so than Atlanta. And number two, I mean, yeah, my mother was a country singer, but there's a very famous train station Alan in Nashville called union station that actually country songs have been written about it. It's beautiful. They refurbished it. When I was in high school, it was boarded up in dilapidated. So yeah, you didn't go past, you didn't go past 20th or 21st street towards first street to downtown. When I was a kid or you were looking for trouble and that would be just past Vanderbilt. So it's a very different city now, yes. Yeah. As I say right now, I mean to Nashville and there are many areas that you would stay out of. I mean, it's a totally grown up city and it's safe. It's prosperous. It's really become uptown. Whereas it used to be a hole to begin with. You are correct. There were distinctly places you did not go. That is correct. And now it is. It's just, it's just blown up in the last 15, 20 years. Unbelievable. Yeah. For sure. So do you remember any stories along the way that you can tell the audience? About that journey? Several of them depends on which ones we can allow on air. No, I think we, when we tend to use the word journey, doctor leica, we, a lot of times, as a country that we're very result oriented and I respectfully understand that certainly as an athlete, your result oriented, taking tests where result oriented, and so when we look at journeys, sometimes we wind up just looking at the end of like, oh my gosh, that person is so and so they've gotten to it doesn't matter what industry it is. And so when I tend to look at some of those years, I tend to look back at some of the moments when I should have looked at myself and gone, what the hell are you doing? And one of the key ones for me would have been what I chose to go to Atlanta for two years. I won an event in New York. And I could have gone to New York, but similarly, New York back then, Manhattan back then is not the Manhattan you see today. I mean, people who have not seen Times Square from a perspective of the early 80s to where it is today, Times Square was a place after one or 2 o'clock in the morning, you would just get killed. And so I had been there and for this event and as a guy who grew up in the rural south and who also was a golfer, I didn't really see myself hanging out in Manhattan trying to haul my sticks on the subway somewhere to go play golf. So I chose Atlanta, but I also went to Atlanta with a very old car, $200 in my pocket, and the only person that knew I was coming was the gal who was to be my agent. So I had to I slept in my car for three days in this abandoned Sears parking lot. That is in really upscale Buckhead at the time. It was just this big abandoned building. And it was kind of downhill and there was behind the building thing and I thought, oh, that seems safe. And I literally slept in my car for three days, and then my agent had a client that was in the catering business. And she had a couple of kids that they had moved out. She was an empty nester. And she was kind of a whack a doodle. She might have been kind of a functioning alcoholic. She was funny. And she didn't live that far down peachtree. And I rented a room from her for $50 a week. For about 6 or 7 months and then one of her neighbors was a lawyer and he knew somebody who worked at this really fancy restaurant downtown and he helped get me a job. And once I had a job for 6 or 7 months, I had enough money to finally move out and get my own place. So that's the beginning of a journey right there. That is the beginning of a journey and how did you get motivated? A lot of things were stacked against you. You know, a lot of things, you know how many actors try and never meet their dreams. How did you stay motivated during that process? You know, that becomes the intriguing part about that question for me, which ironically, I've asked a number of people on my own myself. Is we get into the we go the direction in my opinion of nature versus nurture. And I'm someone who believes, I don't think that it's 50 50 personally as a guy who was almost a psychology double major. I do believe we're a little more nurture than we are in nature personally. I think our environment of how we grow up has a little bit longer lasting effect on us and maybe the nature part of us remains a little more a little more hidden, but not always. I think that the way I grew up with just a sister and a mother who was not home very much and was sort of a latchkey kid who learned a lot on his own and had to grow up pretty fast. I think there was just a nurtured part of me that quitting wasn't really in my vocabulary. I don't know if you want to put words to something like that such as stubborn or cocky or defiant or I don't know. It doesn't much really matter. Even just going to the event that I went to in New York that I won, we didn't have any money for me to go to that. I literally had to go around and raise the money to be able to even go on that trip and when I wanted and that's a trophy that sits right

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