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Talk to us to god's about everything that's happening around those paul brothers and how they have gamed the system on fame and really. They're changing things with a generation or representative of a generation. You heard greg cody talk about this. The other day that kids today wannabe youtubers and bloggers youtubers and bloggers instead of whatever doctors astronauts teachers whenever kids used to want to be because the path to fame is so much easier. and so floyd mayweather. Did you see the numbers on this fight. Because this game is changing. It is not enough anymore to just be boxing. There is a there now. Competitors coming for boxing and it doesn't care whether you want to shake your fist at clouds as an old person youtubers versus tiktokers is something that kids are watching kids. Get to make everything popular and these. Paul brothers are popular. Even though they're problematic. And floyd made with floyd mayweather stays winning big original streaming service. Who learned before anybody. The greatest businessman i believe in the history of athletics. The best of youtube versus the best of tiktok. I don't know what the numbers were were they. I'm assuming they were stuff. It's not just that it's trailer. We're going to talk to jim lamp shade some point because they're giving you more. I don't know where that. Dj calendar thing happened that that youtuber versus tiktok thing right where he comes out in the music never came on it was super cringe-worthy imagine dj callard acapella. Do i need even say anything else. No it was another. I liked that it was. It was truly terrible. But i wanna play for you. Some sound mayweather nosy. Stealing your money. He does not mind telling you he's stealing your money. You've been watching him. This is one of the greatest winters across sports any generation that we've ever seen we because he never gets hit in that sport. Somehow his fights aren't terribly interesting but he gets you into the circus ten every time and he keeps more of a percentage than anybody gets to keep never loses. Andy tells you right here. He tells you right. He set up more. More fights against paul's if you want if if jake beats spent woodleigh and more more thirty five million dollar pay days which is what he got. Thirty five million dollars logan paul owen to got five million dollars. Five million dollars. Floyd mayweather tells you that theme and then throws it in your face afterward. He's saying it's.

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