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On this what's a twelve twenty six there is what her vision law under the immigration and nationality act itchy seek at one point in the middle of all this he takes a nap during a court recess i mean you know if you're unfamiliar with immigration law you may want to consult with someone who is more familiar best best born she's facing immediate remove it's not my air bags on you really need to talk to someone about well his daughter eventually gets a new lawyer who does get her released a couple years later another judge in chicago has some more questions about george cameron's qualifications and our database when we punch in your name mr cameron it states that you are not able to represent respondents before the immigration courts can you address that for me please there is some issues here in pennsylvania related one issue conviction in two thousand fourteen for the unlawful practice of law another issue a nineteen ninetythree conviction for the same thing but after twenty five years george cameron is still taking money to represent people in immigration court very unusual situation a few months later cameron gets charged with fraud in federal court he insists on representing himself he says he was only trying to help that he even took some cases for free but the jury finds him guilty he'll be sentenced in july and faces decades in federal prison this is immigration here's michael w straus av hearing get a may twenty twelve in the matt christopher bailey and christopher bailey remember he had a court date but cameron told him not to show up smarter scheduled to the thirtieth currently ten forty and he's not here neither is council is to be no reason why the respondent not here loaders removal jamaica christopher got his deportation notice in the mail he's still fighting to stay in the country saying that cameron hurt his case he's working two jobs so he and his wife can afford to pay the new lawyer they've found a real one with a real office that's reveals patrick michaels so patrick this story is wild i mean this guy has no law degree and is still able to get away with pretending to be a lawyer for more than twenty years how is.

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