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Is take off your glove when you get a new baseball and rub it up. And that's because of the grip. I mean a brand. New baseball is very slim. They put a little mississippi mud on the ball. And you know like. They're not perfect. And so pitchers get the ball and they wrap it up so it's never been a problem whether you're using air gel mousse You know everybody's got different products in their hair and then you start sweating and they go behind the net or they get some sweat or orazio. Whatever it is it's for grips now. Is it going too far to where now the numbers are starting to kinda creep up that it makes everybody. Scratch your head. I mean we see a lot more one hundred mile. An hour velocities we. The spin rate is way higher. That's the stuff that i don't know you know there's so many numbers and all of sports that now you start getting over over my la city junior college education and lamar university and my sexist. I don't know exactly if that matters. But i know that major league baseball is trying to get now everything on an even playing field and that's where i think that you're starting to see. There's a lot of moving parts now. This isn't going to be perfect. What consists of somebody using something that you're not supposed to use but i think that's that stands right now with major league. Baseball's is trying to get everybody. I let him plainfield but my personal experience back in the bay it never bothered me rather than throw strikes and throw it in my face. What happened to the rosenberg kevin. I'm just used to be rosin bag out there on the mound i pitch pony league. I use the rosin bag. Is that no good anymore. Ross impact the rosin bag is what it's four right. It takes opt humidity from your hand dripping sweat and all that stuff and that makes into you know what hair products and moose and yell or whatever. They know that it was like a time tar rags from the players tax by now. I have no idea. It's another world of whatever they're talking about but it's definitely become an issue if this is becoming addressed the way it is Guest is kevin millar. Of course the former major league outfielder and first basement and mlb network show host talking about pitching jacob. Degrom has a ridiculous. E r ray of zero sixty two at last count and he's moved into the favorite spot in vegas to be the national league. Mvp where are you on that too. Many question mark with pitching going on and shoot a pitcher win the mvp. I i'm i'm personally my fan of it because the position players out there. A hundred and sixty plus games a year. I mean obviously. Now it's more of the one hundred forty five to fifty games like not. Everybody plays every game but you know the pictures that they make every star in as a great year for them. It's thirty to thirty to start year. I don't know that you know grants and mvp. That's my opinion though you know. Play with a lotta pitchers and i. You know we joke around a lot and the non athletes but there is a difference when you're attacking every fifth day then when a guy has gone through every day now that being said you need them so the guys often have these kind of numbers and dominate at another. You know level and there's not the slammed down. Yeah down there in the consideration but my opinion like when of player doesn't want that vp. Yeah i'm with you. You'd have to be so phenomenal to win the mvp. But how about the national league west. You got three teams the giants going into tuesday night. They were in first place. Then you had the dodgers one game out a padres. Four games out can all those teams make the playoffs in the national league. Yeah you know. The giants have probably the biggest surprise going in baseball. 'cause all we talked about was pottery dodgers coming into the offseason. Obviously all the stars that are on the padres darvish plate snell situation. The dodgers their depth. You know look at amazing the start here. When you're talking about walker clayton kershaw sign. Trevor bauer dustin. May julio arias all these young stunts may goes down. Dodgers go through a you know a injury. Just like half of the league's gone through but yeah they can make it. And that's what. I think that the great thing this year with baseball parody. I don't think there's a slam dunk best team and a story. I thought the dodgers were way better than everybody else. And then it was the rest of baseball. But even that isn't the case you still gonna play the game. No doubt cav lasting. The all-star balloting has come out the first phase. And mookie betts right now if it was you know if we would have closed the balloting he would not be a starter in the outfield and the national league. He did off to a slow start. Do expect them to catch up and be a starter or will the will his slow start hurt him and not make him a starting outfielder for the national league. Yeah you never know the fans speak up and you know i mean. Obviously there is a lot of competition in the outfield. Especially you know for the all star games. And you're looking guys like ronald junior and whoever else you're gonna tried name out there jennifer become straight. You know the fans. Vote so mookie. I don't have a great as a great team. He plays for the los angeles dodgers. I'm sure the fans are making huge. Push and trying to get him in starting rotation their in course field his name kevin millar check him out on the mlb network. Intentional talk weekdays on mlb network. Thanks cab. we'll talk to you soon. Appreciate me thanks robin fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. r. to listen live. He works hard but he's never too busy for you. Here's to all the dads out there. 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