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Welcome to the technique right home for monday march nineteen twenty eighteen today the fallout from the facebook cambridge analytica story summarized facebook launches a patriot a self driving car kills a pedestrian and apple might be making its own screens let's get you caught up so by this point you've probably heard the news about four hours after posting our friday show facebook made some news now when someone does a friday nine pm eastern news dump the hope is that the story will be forgotten by monday well that didn't happen in this case and instead the story seemed to metastasized over the weekend only seemed to grow in prominence so instead of being a twenty four hour story this has become a seventy two hour one and more and though i'm sure you've heard something about this story i thought what might be useful to do at this point is a summary of where we are now and what we know on friday night facebook announced it was suspending the political data analytics firm cambridge analytic from its platform banning the company from buying ads or running on its facebook pages who is cambridge analytica they're a voter profiling company that has received a fifteen million dollar investment from billionaire republican donor robert mercer and which at one time was advised by political strategist steve bannon who reportedly came up with the name of the company cambridge politica has been hired by various political groups to help do data mining on voting blocks and it has been credited in some circles not the least by cambridge analytica itself for helping to win the brexit vote as well as the trump presidential campaign.

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