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Yeah oh yeah thanks a lot for that a nice handwriting these days of that'll take you far yes it will in the past uh let's see and then catherine from velodrome senescent cds thanks a lot for that capital uh matthew grubbs innis his first ildren's book called tommy p tinker and the super duper rare eighteen 92 bottlecap nice and then we want to thank max from chirps chips who us chirps chips remember in our um are a crickets episode and crickets eating crickets basically um we mentioned chirps and they heard it and they said here gastritis did you try mya i have yet to try it i think we should try it like on facebook live or something like that that's good idea in ah uh jake more and that is with one low cintas is hot sauce spank you very much in the name of the hot sauce on that this being cheeky nice and and that's that's all i've got rain down together anymore i just got one more matthew for minnesota's in his joke book uh the river of while ha ha create a lubbock a joke book great well thanks everybody for sending us stephane if you wanna send a stuff we always are grateful for it um you can get in touch with us the a twitter i met josh i'm clark and the official handle is s y s k podcast you can join us on facebookcom stuff you should know or slush charles debbie truck right he can send us all an email to stuff podcast the house stuff works dot com and as always join us at her home on the web stuff you should know dot com.

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