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Like Jake you've never taken out a loan? A new type of scoring system called Oltra FICO will debut this summer, and it won't depend on loan history. Ultra FICO system is going to base it score on how people use traditional savings and checking accounts. Those kinds of accounts are very easy to set up with just a cash deposit. So those kinds of accounts can be a good choice for somebody with a week credit history or no credit history to build up their credit. Consumer reports cautions you'll have to opt in and then share confidential information about your banking accounts, such as how often you withdraw and deposit, and it's still an open question as to whether lenders are ready to buy into this ultra FICO score. We have another concern, and that is that making credit easier to get may cause some people to get in over their heads. And then they may not be able to pay back their debt. Jake does have a checking a savings account in his careful with his money heading back to college. He says he just wants a chance to show he can handle credit responsibly. Brian yamamoto? Komo news top physics research center in Europe, cutting ties with a scientist for his controversial views on female, physicists, sir. Switzerland-based European organization for nuclear research has just opted not to renew its contract with Italian physicists throws threw me out last year. He presented a paper at a conference on gender and physics where he claimed to show how male scientists not female suffered widespread discrimination in job promotion. Scientists around the world called threw me as data analysis. Partial flimsy and biased the first female director of Sern. Fabiola Gianotti noted women make up only twenty percent of physicists, Megan Williams. ABC news Rome,.

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