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Buffalo wild this is the best country to buffalo wild wings beer really an adwords all right away the home of the Broncos thank you very much it's been resolved right joined here by Alexander Johnson is the inside linebacker for your Denver Broncos on Twitter at CHI forty five please tell me what she bees tell me all about your word you were in a bloody I got mostly be forty five or so this T. V.'s they just said it and the CD forty five is fantasy beast and also stands were detained believe there also that's what the C. a B. came from it is a brand I started a year and seven months ago I were to come from it is more the name chief anime bees I've been called bees since middle school football I believe it and they not adopted name chief when I was in college in ages I put both from the gather I wouldn't call it cheap beads as like when I play football again colleges though but I put the two names together as I came over the branch CB forty five so Steve based in TV of the name being a leader a year in your field being the head honcho a day in the piece came from you could be the leader Hey Hutch and still be the best that you feel because you know we some might say beef that major repair is that what you're doing so you could be the leader end of these at the same time so that's what came with chief bees so you know people are gonna be small this only few TV based out of this world yeah.

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