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A character in the mercy. Watson books named francine and i love mercy watson. That's a good reason. I suppose all right oliver. Your first question will go to francine what is a typical day at work for you. Okay usually when i get to the aquarium. It involves checking in on the penguins who we've already paired and their chicks. You know taking their temperatures as well as any changes or the consistencies in their environment. As part of our goal is to create the right environment or move for these birds to create relationships that will lead to ensuring their population. I'd like to a little bit more about this. So you are introducing penguins to each other so that they can make families. How do you go about doing that right. So basically what we're doing is trying to match penguins and they don't always want to match but Eventually that usually do interesting fact. Penguins don't actually mate for life but it doesn't mean they don't still have preferences For for each other. See and would you say you. Can you tell if a relationship is going to work out or can you tell right away. If they're not getting along you can tell so like One example would be when one of our penguins. Frankie was bonding with the bird name. Sandra they took their nesting too far. And i i don't know if you know this bet. When couples nest they hoard rocks to protect their nests. All couples not just not just the penguin up and they started hoarding rocks from around the exhibit. Ooh yeah so that wound up actually crushing some of their eggs and so noon. I know one of the things we had to do was create a nesting box and a few token rocks. And once we did that they turned out to be really great parents. So you know they they do have their own personalities and it's kind of fascinating jaros. What are being wins personalities. Like that are happy to answer that. Because i think things have lots of personalities. Some penguins are very shy penguin colony yellow eyed penguin in new zealand. That runs away from you. You get anywhere near outages. They'll just go and run away and then there's another kind of penguin. Call the royal penguin. That is the most curious penguin of all in there on another island almost in antarctica. And they'll come right up to you if you walk down the beach. I've had fifty of them. Walking on the beach. Felt like i was there royal penguins and i felt like i was a king of the royal penguins being when they're very wonderful. The emperor penguins. They'll never very curious they come right up to you. I've actually had emperor. Penguins climb on top of me while i was lying on the ice at school. Did they just think you were a speed bump or something like that. Well i think they're curious and they want to figure out who you are and so they come up in ten pekka you poke at your boots and i happen to be lying down on the ice photographing a different penguin and it jumped up on my boots. Wow it must be very curious to meet. Yeah will they don't see people very often so in fact we were wearing colors. That looked a lot like. There's will kind of yellow jackets with black hands. And i think they may have thought we were kind of strange mutant penguins or something find out. Where were you know someone needed that. I guess are seeing wins. There are mutant penguins. There's one that was just discovered this month on south georgia islands in king penguin. Normally they're gray and black with white tummies orange highlights but it's all white with a kind of yellow body. It's a strange strange penguin. Wait does this. Mean that. Ari beauty bigwood with digest. But what is there one. This is for seen sometimes. The most can be messy. What is grossing that ever happened to. You said this was really early on training. I was an intern over at the smithsonian zoo and i was in charge of cleaning the penguin habitat and the penguins. Were really cute and i had just read this paper. How penguins really like human contact. So i went to hug. One of the pink wins but Again this was very early in my career. And i wasn't aware that it was multi pain and i you know i just going to say. I learned some really valuable lessons about what. The penguin body secretes during their multi process. And that was that was pretty chris. there's ooh what happened while the actual multi process this is this is weird is called catastrophic team which i think will help you imagine how gross it might be The ra lot of of the feathers and there was a smell that took a really long time to get out of my hair and my clothes. It wasn't it wasn't go. Have you ever been tricked by pain and high school right. You wanna hear this. High school tanglin came out to me and said hey lisa. We want you to be on the cheerleading team. Great i love cheerleading. Went there after school and guess what. It wasn't the cheerleading team. It was the cheer booing team the team. I don't like that and don't trust. Penguins story is horrible. I yes yes believe everything you hear from pain. Have i know it might not be the case but have either view experts ever been tricked by penguin. I have to think about that. And yes i think in a way i could say i was tricked by penguin. Okay one time africa. We were working with baby. Penguins lever wayne them and measuring them. The baby african penguin and you have to be careful with them. Because they'll try to bite you and things like that when they don't want you to hold them and they'll try to slap you with their flippers. So i was watching those. But what i didn't realize is that their number one weapon is it. They'll aim their bottom at you and coupons color. Diphu her question. It was fish colored because it's long stinky street. they're able to projectile poop. They can shoot their poop. Four feet in distance so they really are good shots with poop. Shall we move onto the next question. I don't think we can but we can try to come back from that one. This is for both of you. What is your favorite kind of being winning. Why he wants to start. or why. don't i start okay. My very very favorite is a chick. An emperor penguin chick. Because i think they're the cutest animal babies in the world. They haven't all fussy gray body and they have a black cap that looks like a helmet white cheeks with big black eyes and it looks like they're wearing jammies. That's cute my favorite is the mantle. Corean pink win and they are.

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