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Well i'll just call it like it seemed like the higher ups in kabul were setting these special forces a teams up to fail. I think i mean or to fail. Or i think i think there were a lot of missions that they did and especially sort of later on if you look towards what was going on. In later years they did. The mission did succeed in the short time. I mean even in kunduz even disastrous bombing of the hospital. They did get sitting back under. Afghan government control They're still was very little information out about the role that the us had actually had and the whole aim of keeping these secret was to make it look like the afghan government had done it mostly by themselves and so from that perspective. I mean you could stay. Emissions had succeeded but they hadn't they there was no long term. Success built into it because there was no plan to avoid losing. The city again. Happened to send the da's back in over and over again to the same places writing. You know that. I as you mentioned earlier. You mentioned that There was some hard feelings between some of the soldiers. And you know we either. The government are their military headquarters in one of the quotes. That i wrote down from the book because i mean i thought it was quite telling it where you know. One of the troops said we don't know what our goals are because they keep changing all the time. You don't know what we're supposed to be doing yet. You keep sending us out on crazy missions where we could all die for no reason and that isn't something you would normally hear from. Sf troops when they're talking to the commanders right. Yeah and that and that soldier Ends up stepping on a mine in saginaw during an operation whose purpose is not really clear. I mean you know why the. Us was out with the operation sang in when they weren't supposed to be a war anymore. is a question and that's how it was as as things worse than aghanistan. The rules changed the rules. Were sort of it. Be made in washington change as they were handed down. Soldiers went really given any explanation for them. It was more like okay from not going out to old now. They're being told that they have to go out. You know every week in doing operation Which without any bigger goal other than to just do an operation and clear. Something or our royal. Yeah so. I think it was very confusing for them. Zanny.

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