Tucker Carlson: Biden Is Likely to Use Racial Wounds to Inflame Agenda


I wanted to play a chunk of his monologue from last night to let people who may not watch Tucker Carlson here him sort of explain what has been unfolding and to respond in his own words. Biden still has time to change course and fix it, he could try to improve the lives of voters who are dissatisfied with him. That is entirely possible. That's a politicians typically do when they're down. They listen to the people who might reelect them. But Biden doesn't plan to do that, and we know for a fact because Politico has reported it. Instead, Biden has decided to attack people who disapprove. According to political quote, Biden has taken to telling his aides that he no longer recognizes the GOP, which he now views as an existential threat to the nation's democracy. People who disagree with Joe Biden, according to Joe Biden, are now a quote existential threat to the nation, like Al-Qaeda, or climate change. A threat that by definition is so profound we must declare war upon it if we're to survive. Now, keep in mind, this threat that Biden is referring to is you. He's talking about his fellow Americans. No president has ever spoken like this ever. Joe Biden does it regularly. And he's certain to do it again tomorrow. But most painful and destructive at all, Biden is likely to use racial wounds in order to make his point. There is no behavior worse than this. All race politics is bad, no matter what flavor those politics happen to be. No race politics is better than any other. All of it is poison.

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