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Jeff Joanie loves the White Sox fans wondering what may be next with free agency. And a lot of guys on the market still possibility for both teams one for the bullpen for the cubs. And maybe Manny Machado for the White Sox. We'll hear from Rick. Hi. And hopefully later today. Meanwhile, the cubs getting their workout in today in one of their new additions is very excited about his new address Daniel scou-, so who hit two eighty make Datu thirty eight with twenty two doubles thirteen homers last season for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Great safari. I'm excited to be a cub. Try to be part of a storage franchise. So with that allows accessories. Just going to try to come in. And and you know, help us reach that goal which is getting back in the postseason mostly a middle. Infielder a second. But also a third baseman played game. Too short I in the outfield positions and even through in a game in his career next. February begins the marquee sports network for cubs fans on regional cable and satellite television and concert with Sinclair broadcast group every cubs game with pre and post game extended programming all sorts of stuff cubs. President of business operations crane Kenney expecting a larger distribution with the new network than currently exists for the cubs NBA tonight bulls get Memphis in town. They'll try and snap a team record eleven game losing streak at home. It'll be the last tip before the all-star break. College hoops, Loyola Bradley, northwestern hosting Rutgers hawks off until tomorrow against the devils at F L trade that won't be consummated officially until the new league year begins on March thirteenth but Denver going to receive quarterback. Joe flacco from Baltimore likely for a fourth round pick in the upcoming draft. Means the ravens have turned it over completely now to Lamar Jackson. They went six and one with him as a starter in his rookie year with sports at fifteen and forty.

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