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Reopen. Bruce Michaels KM, Shane news. The Senate Judiciary committee has voted to approve William bar President Trump's nominee for attorney general to the full Senate for a final confirmation vote. Mr. As ten names. The nomination will be favorably reported to the floor. Republicans praise bar is well qualified some Democrats were concerned he might not make public the findings from special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. The nation's top farm leader is invited to visit the central valley. The details from KM Jay's act director, Dan York. Congressman TJ Cox confirms that USDA secretary Sonny Perdue we'll make another visit to the central valley as soon as he can in a statement. The congressman says he had a productive and open conversation with secretary. Perdue Cox goes on to say that the challenges facing our agriculture community. Do not come with a partisan label, and neither should the solutions secretary Sonny Perdue as made several trips to California over the past year, including the central valley last August, Dan York, KPMG news on Wall Street. The Dow down two hundred ninety two points. It's eleven three AK MJ valley weather right now, partly cloudy. Fifty at Radio City hitting a high today of fifty five cold this evening. A low of thirty three overnight. Right tomorrow for your Friday, some sun and clouds, a high of fifty seven expecting rain this weekend. And we have a winter storm watch in effect from this afternoon through late Sunday night for the Sierra Nevada from Yosemite kings canyon and the Tillery county mountains with news on the hour on the half. And when it breaks, I'm Liz news talk, five eighty one zero five nine AM. Jay Appleton.

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