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Dream's state school and that was released and so one of them was the unreleased and one was the the properly. I come which calling for me all drive by commentary. Which but but. I don't think disney'll ever do anything like that with with with spots. 'cause no in disney. They keep everything don't they they don't you. They will keep so. There's a good chance. When they get a film production they will probably use the slats scores attempts goal. Probably so that could they could bring him back. They could basically bring can't because he has an oscar nominated awful lot. Times isn't a rarely so yeah. I'm a massive fan of this. As i said earlier. I think in terms of disney. I think they burned the bridges with him But i but what do i know. Does that make sense great. I'll let you get off the field as for absolute pleasure having you on radio free. Endo thank you so much. I really appreciate. I really enjoyed it. That was really good. Fun can listeners. Find you in on the old internet blow. It's very easy He could find this sideshow sound theater but if you go alexa alexa regular find saute sam theater. Spouts t all the at the end of british way Dot com them. You can find all of us shows full free and you can find them on. I choose again for free absolutely fantastic. It's been facet budget. Thank you so much for inviting me on as really been a pleasure and We always support costs like us. Because we don't like those that day like us. So thank you. I been pleasure. Thank you so much. I'll tell you what radio free and we have an open door policy. Tell what you will welcome back at any time. James your stuff. Thank you so much well. I hope you enjoyed that i did. Some of the music is beautiful in to say about those tracks juice brenham. The guy's a legend iranians now. If you want to hear more from in of course go over to sideshows. Sound thatta where you can listen to all the great podcasts. That they've got over there from but because he was the host of indefens- solve sideshow intel. And of course all their skull guys fantastic. And did you know that. They produce their own albums for. Halloween is so you can download them. Yeah absolutely go over to sideshow To their podcast their great and like i say we're going to absolutely miss in crab He's with the stars now and we're going to take care bye..

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