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Bigger better things of that so sneaky speaking of which i want to congratulate you on the hollywood walk of siem welldeserved you received out recently we are easy but i know you know it's 'cause it's in hollywood and right by that the theater there but can we define where it is to find it sure i know you know were george are rabin roddenberry mind growth to their okay um but i i don't know i i created wanted quite edward mm great repair i felt like i should come out there with a bucket in mopping clean it up a little bit we'll that particular areas not the people that don't live there live there little bit when i was there in the late eighties wasn't the greatest cleanest area of los angeles let's say right so there might happen here and there but just to have that is i mean that's the extraordinary that that's going to be a plaque that you've got on the wall somewhere in in something of pakistan from the back within and again congratulations for that final question we are on everything old is new again we we like to expose and and talk about the past and the present entertainment now certainly there's a new star trek series coming out called obstetric discovery and i dunno where we all without it on has been released yet but do you have any you like the precursor to all of this in the foundation to the to team in in the star trek world watching today or lease a piece of the foundation do you have any thoughts with respect to the new or new show that is now going to be released in september well i i am i don't think about it very much in mikey oh these old and and and i i try not to live in get the my age you start thinking about the new things to happen in europe the bad thing avenue when you were much younger but i i try to keep that a minimum look too who an and then and then and then tomorrow arctic moving forward right uh not a preoccupying well i don't think we were hoping for it well i had no idea or rumors back in court but i have no concrete evidence herbert hoover correct or not right or or moore not on i'm not quite sure but i work well.

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