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Forbidding over Derby against the moment I'm really excited about that. You have a chance to face him in the final. Yeah, Yeah. Hopefully we both We both get there and you know, we'll see. I think that'll be a fun final. While it wasn't. They didn't get their that show a Gallo before he took the field last set up in Denver in the home run debris where? Who was excited about the possibility of maybe meaning the finals with the Angels Shohei Otani, but they both got Knocked out early Good morning from our Mercedes Benz to play no sports desk. I'm Steve Lamb as good as Gallo in a tiny yard. Neither one made it out of that first round the baseball gods that guests weren't on their side. Baseball's were flying out of courage Field, but it just wasn't meant to be still a lot of fun to watch. Now we get to sit down tonight, and if you're a fan of the Midsummer Classic, and I am you get to watch the best of the best some of the best major leaguers on the field at Coors Field Gallo, representing the American League squad. Along with his teammates Kyle Gibson and Dollies Garcia, looking forward to the big 12 media days. The football media days tomorrow and Thursday at a T and T stadium where day one we're going to hear from TCU, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Kansas State and West Virginia. But Thursday Might be the bigger day when New Texas coach Steve Kirk starts Sharkey's in, uh, answers questions about the Longhorns and the challenges that that they'll face and they've got challenges. Texas is no big deal other than to Texas fans. This is not a relevant program anymore and go back to 2013. When Texas people fired Matt Brown. He didn't resign. He was shown the door the same Matt Brown, who now has North Carolina in the top College football insider, Paul find bomb who went on to say he likes Sarkeesian. But this job won't be easy. He's replacing Tom Herman, who was fired. Herman replaced Charlie Strong, who was fired strong replace Mack Brown. Who resigned but like find bomb said he was fired. And he's got the car heels up and running, and Texas fans are saying, when do we get to win? That's a tough, tough job in Austin. That's your look at sports. I'm Steve Lamb while at home, Tell your smart.

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