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That have made it. You know it's like yes. We can't do anything about the injuries. The injuries are as i say part of the game. This is extreme example. But the one thing. I took away from last night's game. A games left. I find these three teams left immensely likable. Just like all the teams. I mean you've got. They got good storylines. I think atlanta not saint. Louis hawks never never won. The phoenix suns have never won. And the milwaukee bucks having one and a half centuries. It's marcus welby was practicing medicine on tv. So i you need to know that my mentor. My big brother. Mr ryan is actually going to do a parting. shot today on the fresh macy's but just to simply poos as once again with great minds invariably bop bop okay. Let me just say this okay. Because i've been thinking about this and the injuries and the way. Lebron has led the charge. That the season's too long they cramped it in. We should've start bub. Okay thick about this and bobby. We may have talked about this the other day. I don't know if we did or not. I'm starting to think that the lakers winning last year might have been more an outlier than an indication of things to come. Because of the circumstances they did not have to come up along grinding season. Okay they were. In the bubble everything was set up perfectly for them and ryan. I'll say this lebron james who's so critical of the schedule if you want a smaller schedule and the national basketball association. Here's a way to start. The conversation. labant offered to take less money to play that shorter season. Another thing is it's not completely supportable simply because what does compressed number of games have to do with trae young coming down on a referee's foot what does that have to do with the honest blocking dunk and coming down and hurting his kyrie irving rolling and ankle on. The answer is nothing so a lot. I said this the other night on twitter. And i know you agree with me okay. What happened to trae young could have happened in the first five minutes of the year. The gordon hayward got hurt okay. It could have happened at any moment during the nbc's so the idea that he was worn down as a bunch of crap absolutely. The other seasons too long are the playoffs too long. I don't know. I mean it's an arbitrary but i agree with you about last year being an outlier. You know. we're seeing that also all about the dodgers a little bit. There's still a terrific team. They still may be there. But they're not the dynamo and they to play one hundred six robert exactly right. They got to play one hundred. Sixty two at ryan. Maybe mookie wilson mookie betts. Excuse me is missing getting to play. Half his games at fenway park. More than we thought he would when he went to the los angeles dodgers. You know and it's interesting. Alex is having as good as statistical year although he suddenly doesn't have the same defensive capability but yeah it is. It's fenway is a very very welcoming place for for hitters by the way let's talk about last night's game because because when it was all on the line okay and they are in a closeout game. Paul did go crazy. Okay and you know who didn't go crazy paul. George didn't go crazy. He had quite ordinary game. His greatness from him was far more intermittent during the and obviously without kawhi. It's easier to defend. Paul george but i have to say the chris paul who i know bob ryan loves him robert because he he functions in a world where does not need the three point basket. Okay never really has and chris. Paul had his signature moment. Okay when it was all on the line. I team not at a deciding game but what felt like a deciding game and and what what did they bob. Did they get the lead to seven. I think they got it to seven seven. And then he what. He scored like fifteen when it got the seven after having been seventeen on teno run. He's the one that stopped the bleeding with a three right there and then and then was ironic that it was a three to bobby. They see the thing is look you know we. I'll save the polemic onto three for another day The thing is it's part of his arsenal. It is not the dominant part of his he. It isn't his raison-d'etre he's not set. Step he's he's chris. Paul he's got this is analogous to larry. When larry was in his prime the three was part of the game that he could utilize because he was capable of doing it but he didn't make it the focal point of his game. Chris paul's sweet spot is that is the lane in and is the extension of the lane. It is it is so-called mid range game. he's a master. He went anywhere he wanted to go last night. In that second half for thirty one points went anyway. Wanted to go. Patrick beverley who whoever. Nobody could stop them from doing what he wanted to do. Robert well let me ask you a question about chris paul because you had a front row seat to his clippers career. How how do you are. You swept away by this moment. i like it. I think it's a good narrative. But i think the whole phoenix suns story is a good narrative. I mean what about gaetano last night and how good a game. This guy play booker. we're seeing and monty. Williams is a good narrative. The chris paul thing. Yeah you like to see guys. It's just a good sports. You know a narrative guy who's never been to the finals always respected holster. Probably a hall of fame player. I'd probably pretty sure but you know so. He's finally there you know. It's a good narrative and it's fun. It is a could narrative and the other thing too is in today's game. What i'm noticing and i'm sure you've talked about this when you have talked about. How much more important guard play than ever ever ever before to me. I see all these guards that are just you know just unique great guards to win today but i you are talking to the president and vice president of the eight and fan club. Okay what dr- ryan. What a draft. That was by the way eight and goes before luca at before trae young and he has another an a plus game last night bombing. We're talking about this the other day robert. Okay he does he ever shoot less than fifty percent. Not that. I can remember eight for ten last night. Sixty nice points. Seventeen rebounds he is. He is a joy to watch because he is. He is like an old fashioned center. Two point zero i. bob. That's the only way i can think about it. Okay a more athletic faster but playing an in a lot of ways an old fashioned close to the basket game..

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