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General Antonio Gutierrez. Has decided that it's time to kick. Start the UN back into the climate change business. Apparently, they had a climate change. Conference in Bangkok the ended yesterday. And observers at the world Resources Institute. Called the progress that they made lackluster. Gutierrez says the climate change is running faster than we are any pointed to floods in India. I always loved the fact that we're able to point to weather and weather is somehow an indication of climate change. But when we point out that it's weather or we point out that well, you know, it's hot in summertime they say, well, that's weather, and that's not an indication of climate change. I think this is one reason why mentally I I am. I'm exhausted. I'm truly exhausted with the dumbest Serie. We're told for example that. We everything is racist. Then you you can't say this or you can't say that if it's speech will who who's the arbiter of hate speech, and I've got a story in the minute. We'll do about Twitter again, where we're not Twitter, but the the chief operating officer of Sandberg of Facebook was testifying last week while I was in Washington, and she talked about alternative facts. And I've noticed on my Facebook feed actually looked at Facebook a little bit over the weekend. Somebody had posted a story in the next thing. I know there's a little icon the pops up it's really obnoxious. It says here are some alternative stories that you might want to consider and it was a snow article like snow because snowpacks is often. Well, it is just left leaning and snoops is biased and snowpack is not a good fact checker anymore than going to Wikipedia is a good fact checker. So now Facebook is trying to tell me, oh, here's a story in your Facebook feed. But in case you're wondering, here's an article from Snoop's now, just for giggles and grants. I decided to click on the slopes article kind of funny slopes confirmed. I don't even remember what the story was slopes confirmed that the story that Facebook felt obligated to give you an alternate source confirmed. Termed what the original story said. But I digress. The UN secretary general says that we got to watch out.

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