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You see tuesday matt. have you watch. do you watch the trailer park. Sure did it bother you. Did it bother you like it. Bothered me we always talk about narratives construct of how things are filmed the overhead shot of rhino drawing. A smiley face with cheese was on the sultan. I can't believe i just said that And then they go to the front shot of rhino and there's no camera over his shoulder that drove me nuts you the they filmed it like it was a sitcom but it was portrayed as a journalist with a camera crew visiting somebody documentary style. You know news story style and that took me totally out of it. I thought okay this in my mind. I thought okay. They went back and filmed later in overhead. Shot of rhino. Doing that. there's a better. You can choose a different angle to do it where it seems believable. Wait a before we go back to the front shot a rhino. So you can imagine the camera moving but they totally took me out of it with that with that shot. Did that bug you or did that. Jump out to you. I i thought of you when i saw that. I'm touch well well it it. It was funny because of all the shots That would have been my favorite ones that she was brownie. A the jets that moment in in and of itself. But how it was phil because well you know that. Because i i don't know if you know this it is it is scientifically proven If you're eating a cheeseburger and when you put him catch on if you draw a smiley face on the patty it will taste better that i believe that they proved it with science The if it is always weird For me watching W w we Backstage oregon. This was vignette when they do on chant like when they like when dolls wife when he's wife within the the kitchen and she just kinda you know she's like honey. I picked up a box of whatever like they punch in on her. And you know it's always it is strange because it's it's not the way that they do things because they always do present everything as though it were live. And there's one camera one take and it's always a continuous paik And so when they plug in things like me it it just it it. It's unnatural because it like you said. It violates the the rules that they've established of what is happening and what i'm watching Whereas like something like a you know lou ground. They have established this cinematic. We're not seeing through a cameras. We're seeing through. God's is you know that's that's what that would be So and then as someone who works in tv. When i see things like that all it says to me oh they must have cut you know so they have to cover a cut i. It's maybe not necessarily bat vignette because you know they were punching in their punching in but like especially when i'm watch like a late night show during the monologue If they ever suddenly just cut to the audience laughing or clapping you like oh they cut out the next joe. You know that you can. You can see things like that they would do the authoring promos a lot. I don't. I don't know if i noticed this year. But there are a lot of awkward cuts when they would do because they all their tv one night and it just kind of loosely timed and then go and produce a show. Oh we gotta take out in. That didn't go well or this went long and you know yeah yeah as as as a professional comedian comedian you are the. You're the authority on all things. Funny did you like. Did you like what they did in that skit. Did you laugh more than you grown. Did you only grown only laugh. Did you think that if you were part of that and had great authority would you have done it differently or advised against it or added some stuff like what was your thought watching that. Oh no i love stuff like that. I live for seeing vignettes of wrestlers outside of the ring in their world I love that stuff. it's Yeah of course. He lives in a trailer park. That's perfect you know. See you know this. This kind of kooky heavyset wife. Who's just crazy about him. I think that's great. You know she. She just served cold. Leanings and cheese crackers i mean that's i cannot wait to meet the kids i cannot wait to meet. He's later children Like it you know what it reminded me of which is and it's one of my favorite things of all time. Is you know thirty years ago. We got through his Dr david schultz in his home and his wife and stuff On tuesday night. Titans which. I just love that stuff. I live foreseeing Vignettes so in that respect i i absolutely love it and i laughed. You know throughout the whole thing. I think he 'thus heath is another one of those guys where it's like and thank god that the company's notice it and they're going with it you know because like the whole angle if he's it's probably my favorite line on the show right now The free agent thing you know he's it's it it. It kinda does combined different elements of my favorite stuff From years ago when Randy savage was like the the number one free agent and all the managers were vying for his attention I love that i love. He says the free agent. But he's also you know he's he's like this is loser who keeps you know Stumbling into good fortune teke thing but it but can't help get in his own way. You know like i love the the the part of you know. He beat randy in a match but he was you know by d. cube because radio's beating the crap out of him And then he can't even get his head straight to sign the contract and change okay. Let's forget about this. I mean it's just. I think it's great i can't see a you know. Hopefully him and rhino that can work. It's a great pre even rhino in that Vignette i was like i love this.

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