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What if of? Yes, sir. Rear on our that will. Say you got Hella background noise. Touch. Fairly once once wanna speak Hannah the year was let's hear me. Yeah. My speed, man. He didn't catch what Frank said he said that the the problem with fury. And while they're not not being signed yet is has nothing to do with fifty fifty. So we're speculating what does it have to do with killing us been? We're going to get back to you Magnon your shit is while he's just like straight sound in all good stuff. Let's see what we got. I wanna believe this. My man KO man in Kayode. This is you which is going to go ahead and save this as your secondary number. But let's hope. It is you I'm going to this. I. Yeah. Say that the last time. Good. Yeah. All right. So I think with this fight. I think the I think it's too. I think. I think. Probably lying. I don't trucks. Yana thing. Could be is the rematch close. 'cause I'm suspecting that hewing wouldn't want a rematch or he would one too early batch which I don't think why was give him any of those teams. So I suspect you're going to be those two things you what do you guys think about the? Yeah. It definitely definitely could be that. I I don't know. I would have to side with them. I mean to go at it twice. What I'm saying? Like you gotta put the gamble up now. So I I don't know if that would be it for sure, but it could definitely be that. That's a good point. I didn't even think of that very excellent. Like that I hate to sound like, oh, it, you know, it caught me off guard. But it did like my mind works like I hear something. And then I'm thinking about it. And I'm talking about it. And then I'm thinking more about it. So like, yeah. Man. Now, it makes more sense than it. Did like right after you said it so. Yeah, that's a good point. All right, kale. What thanks for calling. Yep. On in Novi. We're going to talk since you were on pause. Okay. I was waiting for my finish. You didn't say what do you think? Rematch. I mean. Yeah. Right. The draw is the only thing that Nolan voids the contract. So the first contract had a rematch. Why not now we got we're back at square one because there was no winner. So why I don't understand? Why don't we have the same contract in place? I think because I would love to leave the door open for AJ fight in think go rematch clause, especially immediate rematch 'cause it closes the door on that. And you get to three of the fights back to beg like not even triple g Cannella doing that. True true. But. This is where we're at man. This is where we're at. Let me see let me see let me see we gotta go to ride in eight seven out. What what was? Hey, Mario just wanna dress. What you said earlier about fearing on biz deserving sixty forty and walkout math and all that peer ring a brand. And all this. Yeah. That people watch they're five because they want to keep the wild or not carry out. Nobody was really watching fearing Bihar provocative things like myself or Nassau or are you guys? Everybody on this call before he fought louder every fight was boring even to he before. So when wow they're going into this fight is it was a draw out. So, wow, there's still the chance you you. Don't get any more victories in the US. We don't we don't do that. And you know there because you're. Deccan theory is not the drought. Really, man. The fight is the drought in. Wow. The knockout powers job so fear gay out by route of batch finding knocking out the whole death. What people come to see not very dance around the rain and throw twenty punches around. That's not what they're coming to see. So wow. There's a whole tight getting do. The fifty fifty get the rematch on his side and walkout last. There's no moral victory. People wanna see. Wow, they're not out. That's the excitement in this fight period. That's my communist. Rod. Thanks for calling in Iverson, a UK talk to me..

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