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Police tonight. The officers responding with pepper balls and tear gas. It all started with a rally of hundreds in Ventura Park in southwest Portland by nine o'clock local time. Police they're declared a riot and warn the protesters to disperse. They didn't and police responded with tear gas quickly turned dangerous. One protester accidentally lighting himself on fire. Lise making one arrests so far tonight between Friday and Saturday morning, Friday night and Saturday morning that is 27 Others have been arrested. Protest started in Portland following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The Oregon City has quickly become the epicenter of unrest as Fox's Jackie Ibanez. Three fast spreading wildfires are sending people fleeing and trapping campers in one camp ground as a severe heat wave push temperatures into triple digits across California A wildfire that broke out near Shaver Lake in the Sierra National Forest Friday evening exploded 2 56 Square Miles, jumped a river yesterday and compromised the only road into the mammoth pool campground. Fire prompted evacuation orders. There's hot weather, and then there's Phoenix, which yesterday said ah high temperature record of 115 degrees for the date, breaking the record of 113 degrees set in 1945. Emergency crews rescued several hikers and a popular recreation area in the city. Tucson reached 107 degrees talking a 1945 record, and both cities and numerous other desert areas in Arizona and southern Nevada are under excessive heat warnings in effect through Monday night. Police in the English city of Birmingham declared a major incident after reports that a number of people were injured in stabbings. Early on Sunday. America is listening to Fox News. No. Two clients are the same that this might.

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