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Feature guy as much as you've got to have a fresh legs in there and you got to protect yourself from injuries in if you're making a one which this the eagles or this year you can't go dipping and there's nobody on the street you can add that's going to help you so this move washed shortterm not longterm in on it make some sense i mean look if they can get some productivity added jj this year than it'll be well worth it if it helps them get to where they want to go again longterm they probably like they have their fourth round pick back but you know shortterm it makes all the sentiment were you know chris the buffalo bills are five into and they are making a serious push now to end that postseason drought acquiring kelvin benjamin from the panthers no doubt another move of a team that's playing well maybe think about this offense they've been physical they've been run into football well they want a guy that can be a physical receiver of big receiver if you look at what they've done it can that can play him in busy position and it can be a good on the ball receiver in a in a pass offense at runs a lot of face up routes a lotta back shoulder fades than he's a guy that can be very effective it makes a lot of sense again for a team that look as is in the race they're playing well why not do something to help your team and the short term and in this case i think it's going to be a move that helps them in the long term as well this gives them to it day you could keep jordan mathews on the slot it makes this offense better it makes this passing game better and last but not least chris and i guess whatever you talk about the cleveland browns you might as well say at least but they completely messed up a situation here on tuesday that would have brought a legitimate quarterback to their franchise and that is aj mccarron from the bango said would have reunited him with his former offensive coordinator in hue jackson what exactly happened in this deal well we don't know i mean it's a little bit of.

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