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Eta backed by more than seventy clinical studies curley ten at o'hare thirteen it midway in thirteen on the lakefront from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on wlsam 890 with another update in thirty dow is like a roller coaster this morning in his op two hundred and fifteen points after dropping significantly at the open this is after the 1100 point trap yesterday let's yesterday let's get more on the volatility from cnn's christine roman we saw yesterday's big selloff spill around the world you hot european and markets fall very sharply and so there is a feeling of fear that is in these markets right now and the feeling is this is a correction the market is having a correction the first one since the end of of 2015 a long overdue correction is what this looks like it was this feels like again right now the dow is up two hundred fifty points president trump on twitter this morning said it was disgraceful that an nfl player was killed by a man whom police believe is an illegal image grant in a drunk driving crash over the weekend trump tweeted about the killing of indianapolis colts linebacker edwin jackson and another man he wrote on twitter so disgraceful that a person illegally in our country killed colts linebacker edwin jackson this is just one of many such preventable tragedies we must get the dem's to get tough on the border and with illegal immigration fast conservative gubernatorial candidate jeannie isaf's firing back at critics.

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