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And operated. Turn away checking Wall Street. The Dow up 332 points on the day closing at 31,056 SNP Gain 42, the NASDAQ Rose 167. Sports Bruins and Celtics Get back in action Tomorrow Night Don half WBZ Boston's news radio. It's night side with Dan Ray on WBZ crossed in his news radio. All right. Our number three coming up coming up here on the night side. And by the way tomorrow night, we will have it. Eight o'clock. Very special Guest, Dr. Then, Daniella. LAMAs, who is a doctor at Brigham and Women's Hospital here in Boston, and she wrote a really compelling piece that I had the Good fortune to read yesterday in The New York Times on it talked about how difficulty it was to be in the hospital. At this time and care for people. Who Clearly we're not gonna make it on by the amount of empathy that she showed in this article is just just extraordinary, in my opinion, and I think that we will all benefit greatly from Hearing her talk about her experience to 188 o'clock. I hope you join us. Let's get back to the phones talking about Alexandria or Cossio Cortez on her Um, ruminations earlier this week about the danger that she faced on January. The sixth, which now appears appears to be a story that is, frankly. All right. Best embellished at worse. Made up of whole cloth back to the calls. We got to go to Tom, who was in Ohio. Tom. Welcome. First Call tonight out of New England. How are you, Tom? Well, I'll tell you you're talking about our future President. Well, if it's if it's your future president, you could have her. OK, go right ahead. I'm gonna tell you why it is that Everybody over 45 because of the right wing radio hates this woman. You know what, Tom? I mean, you know if if you want if you want to have a conversation, that's fine. If you listen to this program, did you listen to me last night? Talk about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Did you hear all the wonderful things I said about Marjorie Taylor Greene. Did you listen last night, Tom and no. Yes, I did. And you were right on that issue. But I'm saying that so on that issue, I'm right. One thing one thing that Trump can so So does that Put me in. Let me ask you is you've loved me in with right wing radio. My question to you is since you listened last night. Why what would kill? I did not put you on right wing radio. I says because of right wing radio. I didn't say you were right. Look, Greg Well, it sounded to me is if if you were saying that if you want to amend that remark, go right ahead. Yeah, Yeah, I wasn't mean I wasn't pointing at you. You must feel that your right wing but no, I don't at all I try to be. I am a guy who is, I admit I'm a conservative talk show host. But I encourage people like you and other points of you to join the conversation. But I'm not going to sit here and have my integrity intact by people who I think Listen to the show fairly regularly and know what this show is truly all about. I have an opinion on Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez. It difference from yours. I'll be happy to listen to what you have to say and tell me why you think she's going to be the president someday. But I'm not going to sit here and allow you to Itself. Me and my listeners. Go ahead, Tom. Okay, I'm not. I'm not even talking about I'm talking about other Groups like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh again. Why don't you talk about the subject we're talking about here. Okay, I'm trying. I'm trying to The friend years. Drop woke up the young voters. Evan Alison, I'll just can't 35 in younger Loaded. Was a governor crack a lot of the fur Buyten because They held their nose because they love this woman just like that Last caller sack. They love this woman and come four years from now, like, just carve, girl says, like, you know, to be favored. Do me favor call Joe Scarborough call call all those other people and mentioned nightside on their programs. I'm sick of listening to you Try to mention every other media personality in America on my show. Come back next time with something of substance. Appreciate your call. Let's go. Next to shame is in Westwood. Hey, shame is next on nights I go right ahead. I didn't. Uh, I'll be honest. I'm gonna be most boring color of the night because for once, I think I'm closely more closely aligned than to you than your listeners. Um, my film. My feeling is I'm a younger guy. Probably young in the lot of you Listen is on 39, a staunch Democrat. And I think that She probably grossly exaggerated her way. I don't blame her for being scared, even if she wa so, uh, large margin away because they have that tunnel subway going toe Senate Hart building the Russell Senate building, but at the same time, I think that gross exaggeration. Is prevalent on both sides, and I agree with you that she is a Z dangerous as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Trying to rally up the supporters on her side by using hyperbole to express How? How In fear of her life, she woz to say that people are gonna assassinate like we're that close to assassinating people is a gross exaggeration. The situation those of us equally is dangerous is some conspiracy stare is Aires. Or or maybe not. I don't want to say that, you know, toe discard people that believe what Marjorie tell Greens. Uh, spot No. But Um, theories. Well, sure. I mean, anybody can have anybody could have there is but the point is those of us in my generation. And I'm a baby Boomer. We remember political assassinations. We remember I watched Um, I was in high school. I was a freshman sophomore in high school the day that President Kennedy was killed. I know what it felt like that weekend. I watched Lee Harvey Oswald, um, shot by Jack Ruby on live television. Um, I woke up in the middle of the night to learn that Robert F. Kennedy Jr had been assassinated by See Han Besar, a Sierra Inn in California that Dr King had been assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. So when people start throwing those, those that word around that's pretty dangerous sort of language to be throwing around, and I think that at this time, it doesn't help this country and many in anyways, whether it's from the right or the left. My whole heartedly agree. I think that you can't use your platform. To, um, use hyperbole to rally up your troops. Tioga, get this kind of Momenta Mamore. You know, anger behind your platform. I think that that's the most dangerous thing to do. Like I remember days like, you know, I'm very interested in politics because of my father. And it was always I had an internship with Ted Kennedy back in the day..

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