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They already knew that he was coming to his show i mean is a is a 20th anniversary of death certificate you know i'm confident with would that album album cover but a um they do of this twist in in just like us atto's new dead uh the white way on undisputed we shannon sharpe in a was twist in him about a at telling this personally oubino it about how they was twist in him within a captured nate added was using one brother against another on a public platform to talk about capper nick was a hypocrite in you know he didn't noting donation way too after football before you start taking us dan muhammed ali would never been great is of all times vda debt but you know even one what when trying to hear me but now you look at shannon sharpe every episode he he prays in cap renege now but they brushed newball needed to tear capping a down member so anyway the the the goal right now with with with satan design is did the socalled you that run hollywood unite them getting the hollywood stonewall confirming it walk of fame without them approving of it a west date was they plan will stay mogam forgiven i two indian knowing that she was coming on the show bill maher show you don't think they plan to two for bill maher to say that liu controversial joke about house nagler negative whatever n no want you was gonna come on a couple of days after that.

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