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Which is okay. Because i'd enforce the game but they become a part of my family and become a part is so to me beyond the gains that we want and you know from a you were traveling down and win tournaments competing. I just really. I missed the camaraderie of the families. Really getting to know families get to know some players are like they're not at practice. You get to see how good to see how somewhere they're living there. Living skills are not which is which is always a interesting again and you just hope at some point you some sort sorta what knowledge. It was the money and they actually apply at point down a lot. Certainly starting the the you definitely have to apply the plow the intangibles In traveling with people that you'd never traveled with this very very interesting to say the least interesting. Yeah you know yeah you know it all too well man. Yeah know because people people on these trips and like oh my hear dad and here in the door you know i tell people. That's the mission of coaching. Though to train. Not only the train but to empower young people in other words. Here's something i'd do. Even now i tell my guys and we can the huddle. I'd say who's playing. What position is five nowhere Make your you're on a miss. You know the first play from from out of bounds. That we're running is done. I said i'll make myself a deal. I don't say anything for the first five minutes. Not one thing that one thing. They know we're running. If need be all i have to do is hold up to number four player run. I don't say anything for the first time. Because that's what practices for. You had a chance to ask questions during practice. You know how to play the game. It's my goal not to get in your way but at the same time is you're not to get in my way you do. Your job is my job to not get on way of you. Do in your job and is your job to get into way of me doing mind. 'cause if i don't win games i don't keep my job if you don't win games you gotta you gotta. Hopefully you have somewhere to live. I could lose my job brother. You just don't know. But but always tell them. I said you know it's not my job to teach you the fundamentals. You can make a layup you can make bounce pass. You can make a chest as owner so forth. Can you think and play. And that's why say characters what we teach them. That's the that's the mission because we teach them how to make decisions informed decisions not just decisions Again it's all applicable. Of course the discipline and hard work and perseverance in the resilience comes along for the ride. But it's really incumbent in mandatory bus to make sure that we are instilling in them character. Not necessarily always by what we say. Why do so those first five minutes at i'm quiet. I'm like you correct your own mistakes. Somebody's not in the right position. You tell them if we're not in the right now if it gets out of line now trust me the jonathan jones as marble spree uncontested baskets. Are we at the time i mean. It's the twentieth still here right..

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