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Yahu briefcase cats the side for dropbox and one drive yahu music is silent while Spotify sings out loud flicker, half lagged, greatly behind Instagram, and the once mighty geo cities has now crumbled and above its ruins palace, quest base and weeks. Yahu had burned through four CEO's in five years, a full twenty five percent of the staff had quit in the past six months. So Mercer was taking on a nearly impossible situation what an entrepreneur takes on a turnaround. I often describe it as throwing yourself on a grenade, but this was like throwing yourself on an entire truck a TNT. It's not surprising then that Marissa's time at Yahoo was fraught with controversy and we'll get to that. But I want to look here at what she did when she first arrived because there's a lot to learn from in this turnaround situation. Mersa couldn't hire an entirely new team at scale, but you could make the employee she needed out of the ones she had yahu was obviously this super important company on the internet that had gotten into trouble by a bunch of bad strategic management choices, and they were desperately looking for reinvention and they called you, and you went. Okay. This is a grenade I can jump on. Right? What was your initial theory? I just felt like people at Yahoo just seemed like really good fun. Nice people. And despite all the turmoil at the top, you could feel that I just think there's a bunch of good people who really want to make this company work and want to have you make the world, nicer plays a cozier place and have fun doing it. And that was really my hypothesis when I went in and I was blown away when I got there because there were so many people there with so many ideas and so much energy to try and improve the company. But it was really just waiting for someone to come and really try and harness it. But when Marissa arrived at Yahoo in July two thousand twelve, the energy and enthusiasm at the company lay dormant stifled by layers of.

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