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On the life and legacy of OJ Simpson examining the football star's rise and fall, and the murder trial that ripped the country apart in the ninety s so rather than focusing solely on the murders Nicole Brown, Simpson and Ron Goldman and the subsequent trial. This incredible documentary places the Simpson Saga in a larger context, highlighting the ways in which you just said more about race in American culture than any other event that took place in the second half of the twentieth century, available on Amazon and itunes. Conversations with a killer Ted Bundy tapes. This is on Netflix. So notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was unique because that he he didn't actually confess to his crimes, which included the murder released thirty women until the days before his execution, so it's a four part Docu series, and it pulls from an interview series in which he agreed to speak in the third person like all cowards do. Analyzing the kind of person who may have committed the crimes attributed to him. This. The story infuriates me. I recommend listening to my episode with Kathy Kleiner She's one of Ted Bundy's survivors. She's one of the most inspirational people I've ever met in my entire life. She goes minute by minute, and tells the story of what happened when Ted Bundy entered her Sorority House of Florida State University how some of her sorority sisters were murdered that night, and her improbable story of how she not only survived that attack, but how she went on to face her fears and to overcome incredible circumstances. That is fascinating interview so again look reality life with key Casey interviews. It's my interview with Kathy Kleiner. Amanda Knox. This is also on Netflix. You're probably already familiar with this case. Her roommate was murdered in Italy. And she was blamed for it and served time in an Italian prison. It is a framed by exclusive interviews with with with the subject yourself as well as those intimately involved in the case, it chronicles the murder of her roommate and the subsequent investigation trials and appeals regarding her apparent involvement. The devil next door. This is. A perplexing story in Nineteen, seventy seven. The same year that Amazon show takes place by the way in Ohio. Man named John. Demjanjuk? It's really hard to say. His name was accused of being Ivan. The terrible one of the most vicious, an awful guards at the Treblinka camp during the Holocaust, so after years of denials he was extradited to Israel where he stood trial, and the case remains controversial to this day. So, just recently photos surfaced again from sobibor that reportedly featured him and this detailed documentary offers both sides of the story, because there's a great deal of evidence suggesting that he was an SS guard, but probably not Ivan the Terrible, so that archival footage is riveting, especially the testimony of Holocaust survivor staring down their greatest enemy. The disappearance of Madeleine McCann also a net flex. This is also great to watch. Because a subject was actually named in the disappearance yesterday, so hopefully we'll get some answers. It's an eight part Netflix series about one of the most fascinating disappearances in history in May. Two thousand seven three year old Madeleine McCann traveled with her family to a resort in Portugal so one night while her parents were at dinner, not far away, she was taken from their room, and the ensuing investigation and media fury was like nothing anyone had ever seen. Smith gets into the case in more detail than any other project in history, ultimately revealing how shoddy police work in a rush to justice to accuse her parents likely allowed criminals to get away. Don't F with cats hunting in an internet killer. I. Don't even know how to describe this it is. It's there's serial killer. WHO This web of Internet sleuths kind of uncovers beginning with the a video of doing something to a cat I can't. It's so hard to discuss not discussed but describe. You've just got to look it up and watch it. It is bizarre. And fascinating the same time don't F with cats hunting in internet killer. Dream, killer is about. A gentleman who worked at the Columbia Daily Tribune Missouri he was murdered outside the office and for two years no one had any idea committed the crime. Until a young man named Charles Manson claim that he had suddenly remembered hobby murdered him something that came to him in a dream, and as he told the authorities he did it with Ryan. Ferguson, there was almost no evidence and Ferguson did a decade behind bars. Because someone he knew how to dream. It's a terrifying story of demented injustice that peels back the layers of how wrong this case went under the watch of prosecuting attorney, Kevin Crane. It's called dream killer on net flicks. Killer inside the mind of Hernandez also net flicks so in two thousand thirteen Aaron Hernandez will on the roster of the New England patriots decides to kill Odin Lloyd. And the investigation into that crime revealed that he may have committed a double murder just a few years earlier in Boston, so it's Gino McDermott's three part series, examining the details of both crimes while also offering theories as to why Hernandez committed them, including the impact of the death of his failure, possible brain damage from playing football, and even the suggestion of closeted homosexuality. So. That's a really interesting watch. Making murderer, so the preponderance of true crime documentaries on Netflix's can be traced back to this massive success in this late two thousand fifteen series, by Laura Cardi and more demos. It is the story of Steven Avery man who spent almost two decades behind bars for crime that he didn't commit and then possibly committed a murder. Could he have been falsely accused twice, or could he be guilty of the second crime? Questions still swirl around this case that ignited something in the public interest so much that Napa Netflix even created a follow up series in two thousand eighteen detail further developments in the case. The staircase this one you'll think about for weeks and weeks afterwards, so was picked up and added by net flex. It's actually a two thousand and four French miniseries that many true crime fans point to is one of the essentials of the sub genre and. Is a riveting case. The death of Kathleen Peterson whose husband Michael was convicted of murdering her, despite his protestations that she fell down the stairs, so it happened in December two, thousand one, and instantly became a major case with authorities, believing the Peterson had bludgeoned his wife, and then staged the scene to look like an accident. He said that she fell down the staircase. The reason the staircase is so powerful is that it's exhaustive spending time with Peterson through every phase of the trial and yet you're still going to be be left. Feeling uncertain about what exactly happened that fateful night on staircase. Who Killed Their Garrett Phillips is really not just true crime, but a real window into recent our country so on October twenty fourth two. Thousand Eleven twelve year old Garrett Phillips was murdered at his home in Potsdam, a small town in upstate New York so police quickly zeroed in on a subject in this unthinkable. Crime Orel Nick Hillary a black man in the most mostly white community who was a soccer coach at Clarkson University and the ex boyfriend of Garrett's mother. Tandy Cyrus there's no question in my mind that he did not commit this crime, but he was. Basically He was basically framed for it. It's on HBO. It's called who killed Gareth Phillips I actually had a police officer a detective from Boston Review it from a for a former previous episodes. You can go back and listen to that, too. Okay, these are my favorite docu series. These are ones that are going to suck you in their great to binge, and all of them are interesting in their own ways, so the first is tiger king. I did it behind the scenes interview with with a reporter that spent a week, a show, exotic zoo and.

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