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But they quote him as saying we'll never go to the moon it just won't happen unless like everything changes about our understanding of mass and acceleration it's never going to happen and then they keep quoting people who were like well not never they just can't then who sounds like they know what they're talking about is like absolutely not we stand firmly on the earth and it's unlikely to change for a very very long time there's also a good reason for saying that which is that the idea being don't give up on our planet and uninhabitable person also saying that we absolutely should not just give up on earth because that is like not the cool thing to do right Steven Kane a professor planetary astrophysics at the Riverside said the sad reality is at this point in human history all stars are effectively at a distance of infinity we struggle very hard as a species to reach the Earth's moon do you think we're wherever the point of where it is an ad Astra fast food on the moon and just like freest like like preserve food for like hundred it's of yours so that you can make make the journey I think it's more likely that it will be a wally scenario where we're on giant spaceships that are like urban and just kind of waiting to return to thanks being able to like build a civilization on a planet than it is to like build some kind of space station.

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