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Desio. Thank you for joining me on this lovely friday night and pittsburgh and wherever you are hope. It's just as lovely as it is here. It's nice and mild feels like well. I'm not that mild but it feels like a a prelude to the fall. Were heading toward towards the end of august. So i guess we're almost in that fall territory where we can have some chris. Cool nights in again. It's not quite that here but it's getting there so i hope you're having a lovely evening and amphorae beginning to please encourage you to to subscribe to our youtube channel behind the curtain youtube channel. Where we bring you live show just about every night. There's this show the hangover with brian. Anthony davis shannon white and yours truly mondays steelers preview with with jeff hartmann. Dave scope your brian choosing on thursdays depending on the schedule. Know your enemy. With with michael beck and jeffrey benedict scarborough. Show with with dave sco. Finish brother rich the touchdown under show with mattie pepperoni and mark. Davison at brian. You she has details from two am that's going to morph into something else But by the start of the season but that's always entertaining shots on sunday mornings. So i'm sure there's another episode or two in there before the season starts what else we have and of course you can catch all those all. Those youtube shows live also live on facebook. We're pretty big on facebook. We have a pretty active account there. Lots of lots of followers. Lots of fans lots of commenters. So you can catch all of our live shows also on facebook and of course you can check check out all those shows those live shows on an audio platform of your choosing whatever whatever you usually choose you can find. Any of our shows live After the fact if that makes sense but we also have an audio only platform of shows including let's rive jeff hartmann a very popular show. He has his rider die crew very popular very very popular. Show to stat geek with dave scofield. The live mike with michael back In the off season we have retro ship. We're gonna kinda put that off until the until the next off. That's when you can catch next year. We can probably find some old shows on on an audio platform. If you'd like to to delve into ma steal again from the past up. jeffrey benedict has a new show. A new audio only show called from the cutting room floor. Redes- a great job of dissecting some steelers plays in talking about steelers players. Usually some down in liners some of those fringe players. Some of those unproven players. That might make a difference sooner rather than later or ladder later rather than sooner. You don't know but he but he's really good at that kind of stuff. He knows his football. So please check that out. We have some new shows new personalities. We have what she's talking about. That's a new show. We have some fantasy football stuff. We have all kinds of stuff so please check us out. Please please give us an update on on your audio platform like it. Whatever you do on your particular audio platform please do the positive things. It really helps us out and of course. Please check up behind so curtain a website. We'll bring you news commentary film breakdown anytime transaction anytime. There's any kind of breaking news. We have it for you as we like to say at your one stop shop. It's your only stop shop for all your steelers needs and of course i wanna walk. Everybody ended the live chat. We have dennis sheridan george test and he was the first one here by the way jarod devil creek shot manahan bent of our burt vars See who else we have here before. I continue got everybody Forty six t money. My main man. Terry he saying high all the way from chicago. He's he's a. He's probably eating some semi deep dish pizzas. We speak mac. Mackel do thanks me. Joe calvin colbert the one. I'm mistook last week for the actual general manager. But it's not. Kevin colbert's kelvin. Colbert so welcomed lawrence thompson. Welcome so glad you guys with me tonight. And as you know on saturday steelers will be playing in their all important quote unquote important dress rehearsal. Game at heinz field against the lions Seven thirty at seven thirty eastern time. I should know that. I don't know seven thirty. Eight o'clock something like that. I'm sure to live cattle. Tell me but it's the it's the game that most of the veterans are expected to play. I think If you listened to mike tomlin's press conference on thursday morning. He said he had a plan and he he anticipated a lot of veterans would start. He didn't say other than ben. Rothlisberger he related and say who else would start We know ben's going to start. How long will he will he play. Gosh who knows seven thirty. Thanks shewchuk forty. Sixty seven thirty So how long will play. I'm guessing maybe a quarter maybe two or three series I don't see him playing beyond beyond a quarter or a few series and the right move you know. It's it's it's typical for how they've handled been especially the last six seven years. He doesn't see a whole lot of action in a preseason and they release. Should i mean i think at this time in.

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