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What do you feel that still your life from you? Well, you know, I was raised up in an unusual family. I mean, we had a lot of strange things go on all for way back. I can remember, but I always thought it was normal. I never realized or knew that other people didn't see these things. Until I got old enough to start telling people about it and kids about it. And then you realize quickly, you know, no, not everybody sees this. In June 30th, 1983, I had a an unbelievable encounter with something in my parents backyard that left me shaken and for all intents and purposes broke in spirit inside. I think I had a nervous breakdown after this period of time. Honestly, I'm no one with ever diagnosed me that way for sure, but I'm thinking that's pretty much probably what happened because I couldn't sleep at night. I sat up all night long sitting my kids room. I couldn't look in at a certain window. I mean, all kinds of crazy things happened to me in this year following this incident. And I was desperate to I was terrified. I was full of fear and confused, didn't understand the things I was seeing and things I was hearing and remember. I couldn't function. And I wrote to him out of desperation, not even thinking that he would ever answer the letter that I wrote. But he did. And then I don't know why. You know, out of this box of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of letters, why mine is the one he entered, but I was grateful that it was. He connected me with people that had similar experiences who had seen the same things who had the same feelings. He sent me, I came to New York and he sent me to doctors at Columbia hospital and they tested me..

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