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Official read obama appointee about the fbi investigation into the clinton foundation according to the released justice department inspector general's report released on friday mccabe describes the august two thousand sixteen phone call with the then principal associate deputy attorney general that's the title of the person as being quote very dramatic end quote and unlike any confrontation he'd ever had with such a high level official quote mccabe told the office of the inspector general on august twelve two thousand sixteen he received a telephone call from pat egg phd washington the principal associate deputy attorney general it's a senior enough post because they have the attorney general and then you have the deputy attorney general attorney general they call the ag the deputy attorney general they call the da g the associate deputy attorney general they'd call the age adhd and the principal see there a whole bunch of associate deputy attorney gen attorneys general so then you have one who has the the tallest midget in the room and he is the principal associate deputy attorney general it's a big promotion if you get that you know he got a call from the pag mccabe said that the pad egg expressed concerns about fbi agents taking overt steps in the clinton foundation investigation during the presidential campaign according to mccabe he pushed back asking are you telling me that i need to shutdown of validly predicated investigation mccabe told us that the conversation was very dramatic this is from the inspector general's office and that he never had a similar conversation like the tag call with any high level department official and as entire fbi career matthew axelrod served as the principal associate deputy attorney general at the the end of the obama administration now is muller investigating him for obstruction of justice has his home been rated by f b i agents armor clad guys with battering rams collecting all of his computers and has emails because it sounds to me like matthew axelrod if he's the one that made the call was engaged in an effort to obstruct justice as a political appointee calling the number two at the.

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